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Finmeccanica subsidiary Selex ES has
been contracted by the UK Ministry of
Defence (MOD) to supply upgraded RWR
installations for the Royal Air Force's
(RAF's) Puma HC.2 helicopter fleet.
The modernized RWR fit, known as Sky
Guardian 200D, will replace the legacy
Sky Guardian 200 RWR introduced to
service in the early 1990s; Sky Guardian
200 was itself evolved from the earlier
ARI.18228 crystal video radar warner.


The Journal of Electronic Defense | July 2015


A new EW and radar threat simulator being developed for the German
armed forces by Elettronica's German
subsidiary has successfully completed
Critical Design Review (CDR). The ELTA62 EW/Radar scenario simulator for
naval applications is being developed
under a €15 million contract awarded to
Elettronica GmbH in 2014 by Germany's
Equipment, Information Technology and
In-Service Support Office (BAAINBw).
The system covers the 0.5- to 40-GHz
frequency range and supports integrated validation testing and training of
radar and EW systems and operators on
board frontline surface combatants. Developed as a fully integrated standalone
solution, the system and the antenna
assembly are integrated in an ultra-light
composite-made 20-foot ISO container
developed and provided by Italian company's Ele.Si.a, which is to be certified
for sea transport and operations on the
deck of a ship.
The ELT/A62 will support sea trial
planning and simulation, online measurement, verification and validation of
the platform under test (PUT) radar and
exercise ESM/ECM suites against complex scenarios. In addition, the simulator will provide radar and EW operators
training in dense signal environments
with jamming and missile threats, as
well as the development and test of
ESM/ELINT/ECM techniques and radar
waveforms (including LPI).
The system is scheduled for delivery
in 2017, according to BAAINBw's contract award information. - L. Peruzzi

Selex ES has been awarded an initial
£19 million Demonstration and Manufacture contract by the MOD's Defence
Equipment and Support Air Platform
Systems project team. This order covers the supply and support (including
reprogramming) of Sky Guardian 200D
systems for the RAF's 24-strong Puma
HC.2 force.
Being introduced to service under an
obsolescence replacement program, Sky
Guardian 200D embodies an architecture
pulled through from the Selex ES-developed SEER programmable RWR system,
which has been designed as a form-fit
replacement for the previous generation
Sky Guardian 200. In its standard E- to
J-band configuration, SEER comprises

one compact signal processing unit, and
two dual-channel wideband digital detector heads installed close to the antenna pairs; C-D and K-band extensions
are also available.
According to the MOD, the schedule
to Sky Guardian 200D Initial Operating
Capabilities (IOC) on Puma will be finalized once a separate contract for aircraft embodiment is agreed; the current
planning assumption for IOC is 2017-18.
The Puma contract includes an option, valued at £20 million, for the supply and support of Sky Guardian 200D
RWR equipment for the RAF's Chinook
helicopter fleet. It is anticipated that
this option will be exercised later in
2015. - R. Scott

The Paris Air Show was held June 1519 (trade days) at Le Bourget, and there
was quite a bit of EW news at the event.
Here is a brief rundown:
*	 Selex	 ES	 (Luton,	 UK)	 announced	 that	
it was selected to supply its SAGE digital ESM system for integration into the
mission suite of an Indonesian air force
CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft. The
contract, signed with US-based prime
contractor Integrated Surveillance and
Defense Inc. (ISD), marks the first time
that the SAGE system has been selected
for a fixed-wing MPA application. The
SAGE system (in its SAGE 600 variant)
will be delivered to ISD in September.
*	IOMAX	USA	(Mooresville,	NC)	selected	
Terma to supply Modular Aircraft Self
Protection Equipment (MASE) pods -
fitted on underwing hardpoints - and
a cockpit-mounted ALQ-213 Electronic
Warfare Management System to the
Archangel precision strike/reconnaissance aircraft it is supplying to the
United Arab Emirates. Based on Thrush
Aircraft's S2R-T660 single-turboprop
aircraft, the twin-seat Archangel has
been designed to meet requirements
for ISR, border protection, counterinsurgency, armed reconnaissance,
close air support, forward air control,
and combat search and rescue. The
UAE has ordered 24 aircraft.
*	Elbit	Systems	introduced	its	Air	Keeper EW and SIGINT system at Le Bour-

get. The system, which is designed for
installation on transport aircraft and
large UAVs (in a scaled-down version)
comprises ESM/ELINT, radar jamming,
COMINT/DF, communications jamming, command and control, EW selfprotection and SATCOM subsystems
integrated into a single solution.
*	UK	 company	 Horizon	 Technologies	
rolled out their second generation
"FlyingFish" airborne satellite monitoring system, which can be integrated onto UAVs and small aircraft.
*	Terma	 and	 Lockheed	 Martin	 announced that the Aeronautica Militaire (Italian Air Force) recently
selected their team to integrate
Elettronica's ELT/572 DIRCM system
onto some of the Air Force's new C130J transports and KC-130J refueling aircraft.
*	French	 companies	 Défense	 Conseil	
International (DCI) and Thales announced a partnership to expand
DCI's electronic warfare training
services globally through Thales's
international presence. DCI's AIRCO
branch, which signed a four-year
EW personnel training contract in
late 2014 with the French Air Force,
partners with French EW companies
(Thales, MBDA, Lacroix) and offers
EW simulation tools developed by its
subsidiary ABAK Systems. - R. Scott
and J. Knowles a


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