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The Journal of Electronic Defense | August 2013


Elettronica and Prince Sultan Advanced Technologies Research Institute (PSATRI) of the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in June, with the
intent to further develop a strategic
partnership and working relationship
in the research and development of
new solutions for electronic warfare.
According to the joint press statement released during the Paris air
show, Elettronica will create highvalue technology partnerships and
industrial collaborations with Saudi
entities in the frame of the enhancing support of operational capabilities of Saudi Armed Forces which
started more than three years ago in
the Kingdom.

As an independent scientific organization of the Saudi Arabian Government, PSATRI was established in
2008 by the Royal Saudi Air Force
(RSAF) and the King Saudi University
(KSU) to conduct applied scientific
and technical research and development activities in support of RSAF
and other Saudi military and security
users. PSATRI provides hands-on experience and partnerships with the
private and military segments, as well
as affording educational opportunities for students. Among other fields,
PSATRI is involved in communications
and networking, intelligence systems,
electromagnetic imaging, millimeterwave and infrared sensors research.
– L. Peruzzi

Over the last two months, the US
Army Contracting Command (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD) conducted
a market survey to assess possibilities for integration and fielding of an
already developed, commercial offthe-shelf (COTS) Mobile Heavy Duty
Tactical EW system. The project,
which will be conducted via Foreign
Military Sales (FMS), is designed to
field an EW Tactical Battalion for an
eastern European country.
The requirements include development and fielding of two mobile EW
tactical companies (EWCO) consisting
of a minimum of: one company electronic warfare operations center (CO
EWOC), six mobile communications
electronic support (ES) systems and
two mobile communications electronic attack (EA) systems. Selected supplier will be asked to supply, install
and locally support the two tactical
companies, which must include the
mobile EWOC, comms ES and EA sys-

tems and secure broadband (HCLOS)
communication between the CO EWOC
and the forward ES and EA systems.
Each company is to be deployed in a
three-platoon configuration.
The Mobile Heavy Duty Tactical
EW system should provide “a stateof-the-art solution allowing the two
companies to monitor, intercept, collect and locate radio communications
and to selectively jam communications
of enemy forces.” Each company operates independently from each other
and will communicated back to the EW
Directorate EWOC via the CO EWOC and
using and existing IP-based network.
The market study calls for one company to be designated as the equipment provider. Responses were due
last month, though program would
have to go through full FMS process
before award. The program point of
contact is Mark Claycomb, (443) 3956993, e-mail mark.w.claycomb.civ@ – JED Staff

❍ The Czech military confirmed last week
that tests of the Defence Aviation Safety
(DAS) system on the country’s CASAC295M transport aircraft is cleared for
combat operations now that its EW selfprotection system has passed flight
tests. The Czech Air Force has four of
the C-295Ms, which has had encountered
problems with the aircraft’s EW suite,
supplied by domestic company Omnipol
and delivered in late 2010. (See “Czech
Air Force Wants C-295 EW Problems
Resolved,” in the September 2011 JED, p.
28.) The EW suite is believed to comprise
Indra’s ALR-400 radar warning receiver,
Cassidian’s AAR-60 missile warner and
Atlas-2Q laser warner, as well as the AN/
ALE-47 chaff and flare dispenser. The
two-year delay in the program resulted
in penalties to the manufacturer, EADS
CASA (now Airbus Military), which had
to provide additional spare parts and
return, from Spain, two Czech-made subsonic L-159 ALCA. Five of the L-159s had
originally been sent to Spain as part of
the payment for the C-295Ms.
❍ Northrop Grumman (Rolling Meadows,
IL) has received a five-year, $120 million contract from the UK Ministry of
Defence (MoD) to support the country’s
Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures
(LAIRCM) systems. Under the agreement, the Northrop Grumman will provide repair, engineering sustainment
and training to the MoD, with work
being performed at the company’s support center in Chester, UK, and in Rolling
❍ The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft
Division (Lakehurst, NJ) announced
plans to award BAE Systems (Austin, TX)
a firm-fixed price order for the manufacture and delivery of a countermeasure
dispenser test set for the government
of Brazil to test the ALE-47 countermeasures dispensers on Brazil’s S-70 helicopters. a

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