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The British Army's 14 Signals Regiment
(EW) is looking to acquire a Signal of Interest (SOI) generator to support the training
of Light Electronic Warfare Teams.
In an information notice issued in
the Ministry of Defence Contracts Bulletin, the regiment outlined its need for

a training simulator "capable of managing and replaying electronic emissions of
varying complexities." According to the
pre-solicitation notice, the system must
be capable of generating an Electromagnetic Environment (EME) consisting
of a single SOI or generating a complex


The Journal of Electronic Defense | August 2014


UK-based Airborne Systems Ltd. has
been awarded a contract by New Zealand's Ministry of Defence to supply its
Outfit DLF(3) passive RF decoy for the
Royal New Zealand Navy's ANZAC Frigate
Systems Upgrade (FSU) program.
Already in service with the UK Royal
Navy and the US Navy (under the designation MK59 MOD 0), the system deploys
a rapid response inflatable RF decoy
(based on a fast-erecting structural
corner-reflector) from deck-mounted
launch tubes.
The RNZN operates two ANZAC frigates, HMNZS Te Kaha and HMNZS Te
Mana, which entered service in 1997 and
1999 respectively. The FSU program is

intended to upgrade the surveillance,
combat and self-defence capabilities of
the frigates to match current and future
threats, and address obsolescence of
legacy systems.
Alongside Outfit DLF(3), the FSU
program is also introducing Rheinmetall Multi-Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) which is replacing the Mk
36 Decoy Launching System. The RNZN
has selected the MASS Dueras variant,
which incorporates 118-mm launchers
fitted atop the standard MASS launcher.
This will enable the MASS to fire seduction/distraction chaff rockets alongside
standard MASS Omni-Trap ammunition.
- R. Scott

The UK is buying into US Navy's AN/SSQ-130 Ship Signal Exploitation (SSEE) Increment F cryptologic electronic warfare system as it looks to rebuild the Royal Navy's
(RN's) surface ship signals intelligence (SIGINT) capability.
Being acquired under the equipment project name Shaman, the SSEE Increment F system will fulfill the requirements of the RN's Seaseeker maritime signals
intelligence (SIGINT) program. A total of seven SSEE Increment F systems are to
be procured, sufficient to equip the RN's six Type 45 destroyers plus a training/
reference facility.
The Foreign Military Sales case for the Shaman program was initiated in February
2013. The RN intends to introduce the equipment into service in 2017.
An initial UK order for four SSEE Increment F systems was publicly confirmed by
prime contractor Argon ST (a Boeing subsidiary) in early May as part of the US Navy's
Lot 5 buy. An order for a further three systems for the UK will be placed in early 2015.
Under a separate award, the UK's Babcock has been awarded a seven-year Shaman
infrastructure and support contract by the UK Ministry of Defence. This will see the
company deliver infrastructure upgrades to the existing CESM shore support sites
at the Fleet Intelligence Centre and Maritime CESM Calibration Facility, and provide
contractor logistic support to the Shaman system on Type 45 destroyers.
Platform design, modification, and installation activities will be separately performed by BAE Systems as Type 45 Class Output Manager. - R. Scott

near-operational EME with multiple concurrent SOIs transmitting from multiple
emitters and locations.
The simulator should offer realistic
user interfaces to minimize staff training
time, be flexible to integrate with future
EW solutions, and be able to integrate tactics, techniques and procedures; for example the generator should be able to control
power output so that signal strength can
be increased or decreased as needed.
14 Sig Regt (EW) plans to hold an industry day on September 10. Industry
is being invited to set up demonstrations the previous day in preparation.
- R. Scott

Selex ES has successfully demonstrated its Miysis Directed Infrared
Countermeasure (DIRCM) system with
RUAG Aviation's ISSYS self-protection
pod for the recent SALT II (Surface-toAir Launch Trial II) live-fire trial hosted
by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).
Developed by Selex ES as a private
venture, Miysis is a compact, low mass
DIRCM installation that directly couples
the company's ECLIPSE lightweight
pointer/tracker and Type 160 fiber laser. The system can be installed as either federated equipment or as a podded
role-fit solution.
The SALT II trial was conducted in
May 2014 at the FMV's Vidsel range some
900 km north of Stockholm. For the purposes of the trial, a production-standard
Miysis DIRCM was integrated into a RUAG
ISSYS pod and cued by a Saab MAW-300
missile approach warning system.
According to Selex ES, the Miysis
DIRCM system successfully acquired and
accurately tracked 100 percent of all
MANPADS fired. This follows on from a
previous demonstration of the Miysis
trial in March 2014. - R. Scott a


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