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c ale ndar cour se s The Association of Old Crows is excited to increase the convenience of your learning opportunities through our brand new on-demand professional development library! The AOC is making some of our most popular courses available anytime & anywhere you're connected to the internet! On-demand course offerings currently include Dave Adamy's Fundamentals & Advanced Principles of EW and Kyle Davidson's ELINT - Principles and Practice. Visit SEPTEMBER Electro-optic & Infrared Sensors September 10-14 Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK Principles of Radar Electronic Protection September 20-23 Atlanta, GA & se mina r s OCTOBER NOVEMBER Radar Warning Receivers Fundamentals October 4-5 Orlando, FL Modeling and Simulation of Phased Array Antennas November 8-10 Atlanta, GA Modeling and Simulation of RF Electronic Warfare Systems October 4-7 Orlando, FL Basic RF EW Concepts November 15-17 Atlanta, GA Radar Principles November 28-December 2 Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK Software Defined Radio Development with GNU Radio: Theory and Application October 24-27 Atlanta, GA Survivability November 28-December 2 Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK Radar Warning Receiver System Design and Analysis October 24-28 Atlanta, GA JANUARY EO and IR Sensors January 9-13 Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK Radar Cross-Section Reduction October 31 Atlanta, GA Radar Electronic Warfare January 23-27 Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK a Principals of Modern Radar October 31-November 4 Atlanta, GA AOC courses are noted in red. For more info or to register, visit The Journal of Electronic Defense | August 2016 10 AOC Professional Development Courses DON' T M ISS OUR NEXT LIVE ONLINE WEBC OURSE. AUGUST 1-AUGUST 24 Introduction to RF and Microwave Front Ends LIVE ONLINE WEBCOURSE Twice Weekly 1300-1600 EDT (17:00-20:00 UTC) Instructor: Warren du Plessis V I S I T W W W. C R O W S . O R G F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N JED-M0616 AOC Course Ad HP_MKG.indd 1 2016-05-24 12:17 PM http://WWW.CROWS.ORG

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