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2016 AOC International Elections The 2016 AOC Elections run September 1-30. See full profiles of candidates in the June 2016 edition of JED, online at At Large Directors AOC Regional Directors Norm Balchunas Vote for 1 International Region I Marv Potts Col (Ret.) Pierre-Alain Antoine Glenn Carlson Mark Schallheim Johannes Naumann Kinga Kilgallen Paul Vavra Sue Robertson Bob Lindseth Muddy Watters International Region II Jeff Walsh Greg Patschke 2016 On-Line Voting Instructions Beginning September 1, AOC Members can visit the AOC homepage,, where they will see election information and a link to, the independent vendor that will conduct the on-line election. Once connected to the website, type in your AOC member number and password. The website will direct you to your ballot, where you can make your selections. If you have not logged on to the AOC website before, you need to use your membership number and "crows" as the password. Your membership number can be found on the mailing label of your copy of JED, your membership card or you may call AOC headquarters for assistance. Your dues must be current as of August 20 in order to vote. As with past AOC elections, your ballot is secret. will hold all completed ballots, tabulate them and send the results to the AOC when the election is complete. Once you have cast your on-line vote, electionsonline. us will send you an e-mail confirming that they have received your completed ballot. PAPER BALLOTS For those AOC members who cannot vote on-line, the AOC has provided a paper ballot below. Members may cut out the paper ballot, mark it - including your member number (available on the front label of your JED and your name and contact information) - and mail it back to the AOC. Paper ballots must be postmarked no later than September 20, 2016. a Ballots accepted September 1-30, 2016 2016 AOC Election Ballot Ballots must be postmarked by September 20, 2016. Name _____________________________________________ AOC Member Number ________________________________ E-mail address _____________________________________ At Large Directors - Vote for 2 ■ Norm Balchunas ■ Glenn Carlson ■ Kinga Kilgallen ■ Bob Lindseth ■ Greg Patschke ■ Marv Potts ■ Mark Schallheim ■ Paul Vavra ■ Muddy Watters AOC Regional Directors International Region I - Vote for 1 ✁ Campaign Rules Campaigning or electioneering on behalf of any candidate for AOC International office, with or without their knowledge or consent, is prohibited. ■ Col (Ret.) Pierre-Alain Antoine ■ Johannes Naumann ■ Sue Robertson International Region II - Vote for 1 ■ Jeff Walsh The Journal of Electronic Defense | August 2016 Vote for 2 47

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