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The Qatari Emiri Air Force (QEAF) is
seeking sources that can help it develop
wide electronic warfare (EW) expertise.
The QEAF wants to grow its EW knowledge base across several areas, including EW theory, operations, EW systems
and reprogramming.
US Air Force has issued a Request for
Information (RFI) to help determine
what industry can provide on an FMS
basis. According to the RFI, the Air
Force is seeking contractors that can
"provide Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF)
in-country Electronic Warfare (EW)
Training leading to future EW Repro-

gramming Capability. The objective of
this training would be to prepare the
country's personnel to be QEAF's EW experts, to plan EW integration into joint
operations, to advise leadership on the
proper use of EW, and to be able to recommend changes to Qatar's EW system
According to a draft Performance
Work Statement (PWS), "The purpose of
this training is to prepare QEAF personnel to be the service's EW experts, to
plan EW integration into joint operations, to advise leadership on the proper
use of EW, and to be able to recommend

changes to their own EW system reprogramming. The focus will be on EW
theory as applicable to fighter aircraft
self-protection EW, down to the detail of
the country's specific systems, up to but
not including, specifics on Mission Data
File reprogramming."
The Air Force anticipates awarding a
five-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite
Quantity (IDIQ) contract for the program. It is not clear when a formal Request for Proposals will be released. The
point of contact is Kacie Varner, contract specialist,
- J. Knowles


The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2017


After years of development, Thales
has formally introduced ELIX-IR, a nextgeneration single-color IR multi-function
passive threat warning system (TWS).
Developed though a Technology Demonstrator Program (TDP) jointly funded by
Thales and the UK Ministry of Defence,
the ELIX-IR "provides advanced combined
simultaneous and unimpeded missile
warning, hostile fire indication (HFI) and
360-degree spherical coverage imagery
from a single sensor system." Exportable
and ITAR free, the system is suitable for
use on a wide range of rotary and fixedwing subsonic platforms such as helicopters, transport aircraft and VIP aircraft,
with a growth path to support fast jets
and UASs.  According to Thales, the system has been extensively tested in complex scenarios, both synthetic and live,
and evaluated by UK DSTL in operationally representative environments, and has
achieved TRL 7. ELIX-IR will be available
to market by end of third quarter 2018.
The ELIX-IR is based on a set of four to
six distributed single-colour MW IR sensors (dependant on platform type/configuration) managed by a controller with
a removable user data module. The system can detect and alert on passive man
portable air defense systems (MANPADS)
and CrewPADS, while simultaneously offering HFI of small-to-large calibre guns,

RPGs and other unguided rockets (UGR)
that are threatening the platform, "with
a timely and accurate cueing of threat
countermeasures," including Directed IR
Counter Measures (DIRCM) and ElectroOptical Counter Measures (EOCM).
"Due to the low attenuation of medium wave infrared, ELIX-IR provides long
range detection and high probability of
declaration of these threats with a low
false alarm rate. The system also offers
accurate angle-of-arrival information for
effector cueing and fire post location."
The ELIX-IR system also offers general
situational awareness around the protected platform, providing spherical imagery in support of both tactical threat
avoidance and pilotage in degraded vi-

sual environments such as night formation flights, take-off and landings, and
operations in hostile terrain.
A platform fit of five single-color
IR sensors and a controller unit weighs
just 22 kilograms. French Sofradir group
provides the compact high performance
missile warning IR detector which is
integrated with the cooling engine and
proximity electronics. ELIX-IR is designed with an open architecture and is
upgradeable to address new and emerging threats. The system is being offered
through European DAS primes such as
TSA/Elettronica with their Cybele Self
Protection System, Leonardo integrated
with their Miysis DIRCM and DASC, Terma and SAAB. - L. Peruzzi

❍ Chemring Countermeasures USA (Toone, TN) was awarded a $28 million modification to a FMS contract for Saudi Arabia and Egypt for procurement of infrared
countermeasure flares in the following increments: M206 - 272,900; MJU-7A/B -
171,480; and MJU-10/B - 45,000. The contract is estimated to be complete by the
end of 2018.
❍ Armtec Countermeasures Co. (Coachella, CA), a division of Esterline, received an $18
million contract option from the US Army via FMS channels, to supply M206, MJU7A/B and MJU-10B countermeasures flares to the governments of Egypt and Iraq.
Deliveries will be completed in May 2019.
❍ The Government of Australia has formally requested the sale of ALE-70 RF countermeasures decoys for its F-35 aircraft. The proposed FMS deal calls for BAE Systems
Electronic Systems (Nashua, NH) to deliver 1,952 ALE-70(V)/T-1687A Electronic
Towed Decoy Countermeasures under a contract estimated at $108.7 million. a


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