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The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2017


ED has long believed that good things happen whenever EW and SIGINT
experts are pulled together into a group - whether it is meeting up at an
EW conference, or the more enduring formation of an EW organization
or unit. In a group setting, problems get discussed and useful solutions
begin to take shape. In the end, when we can share our ideas. EW only
gets better and better.
This notion was proven once again this year during the US Army's Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) Support to Corps and Below (CSCB) initiative at the
National Training Center (NTC) in Fort Irwin, CA. Sponsored by US Army Cyber
Command (ARCYBER), the CSCB was envisioned to help the Army further develop
CEMA doctrine and organizational concepts. Perhaps the most important lesson
from CSCB was that pulling EW specialists together to form EW Weapons Teams (EWWTs) is the right way to go. This approach took EW beyond the tactical operations
center (TOC) and put new equipment into the hands of EWWTs who were embedded
with the forward units. It allowed the EW planners in the TOC to rely on EWWTs
in the field instead of a far thinner spread of individual EW operators working in
isolation within their respective units.
In the October 2013 issue of JED (p. 48), CPT Kyle Bourne proposed the idea of
creating EW companies in order to consolidate EW expertise and equipment within
the brigade. Nearly four years later, the Army is experimenting with a similar concept in its CSCB initiative. What is driving this new thinking? I see it as a logical
progression in Army EW. The process began in Iraq and Afghanistan more than a
decade ago, when the Army began to field large numbers of counter-RCIED systems
and to deploy individual EW experts to support the equipment. Those countermeasures systems performed a relatively narrow mission, but they got the Army's land
forces back into the EW business. This was soon followed by the Army's decision to
create an EW military occupational specialty (MOS). Around that same time, when
those first Army EW operators (MOS 29s) were coming out of the schoolhouse at Fort
Sill, the Army was also upgrading some of their RCIED systems, such as the Duke,
on an experimental basis to see how well they would perform against a broader
set of targets beyond RCIEDs. It was only a matter of time before the Army would
realize that fielding new EW equipment (most of which is yet to be procured), as
well as consolidating the relatively new cadre of EW experts, could help the brigade
commander to attain a much better level of understanding and generate new nonkinetic effects on the battlefield.
Our cover story this month, written by CW2 Patrick Derr of the 2nd Armored
Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (Fort Riley, KS), discusses the lessons
that his unit's EWWTs learned during their CSCB rotation at NTC. I think in reading
it that you will get a clearer picture of what the future of Army CEMA looks like
from the ground. Enjoy. - J. Knowles

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