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The Journal of Electronic Defense | November 2013


John Knowles' May 2013 article "Why Two Domains Are Better Than One" and the subsequent letter to the editor from Mr.
Austen D. Givens, PhD student in Public Policy at King's College in London, generated some good points about the on-going
discussion on the electromagnetic (EM) and cyber domains. Both sides make good points but I think could be amplified by
elevating the discussion to effects on the battlefield and how the EW and EM community
can help lead both domains.
The Electronic Warfare (EW) community is well integrated, for the most part, with our
kinetic brethren. It is rare, on the air side, to put a gorilla strike package together on a
target set without EW providing a support role. Along the same lines, it is becoming more
common for ground troops to assess a mission go/no-go without at least having Electronic
Attack (EA) assets either on call or available as close air support to deny spectrum use
to the adversary which is very similar to having an A-10 on call to strafe the bad guys.
From an acquisition standpoint, there is always the concern that blending a discussion
of EW and cyber will water down efforts to acquire EM-related programs. John Knowles
highlighted a few of these (flares, missile warning systems, GPS receivers, EO/IR targeting systems, etc.). I agree that these would not gain further funding by having a cyber
label but I am witnessing cyber-related programs that are labeled as EW/Cyber convergence that are garnering millions of dollars in investment for research and development
and experimentation but, when you "lift the hood" these programs are largely EW applications and have little to do with cyber. I would also highlight that a large majority of EM-related acquisitions are done under larger programs for other domain-related
systems. For example, the air, land, sea domains may have vehicles, aircraft, or ships
with specific EM programs that are designed for these systems. One could almost call
this EW-Air, EW-Sea, or EW-Land convergence, but we don't.
We accept that EM or EW is integrated with the other domains. However, when we discuss it in terms of the cyber domain,
it raises concerns of a takeover by the cyber warriors, and much of this is brought on by some of the bad feelings within our
community of being subjugated under Information Operations.
From a cyber community perspective, they are not as easily integrated with kinetics. Some argue it is because what they
do is highly classified or too technical. I would argue that they are merely missing an operational mindset in many cases.
Their main focus is on cybersecurity but they are beginning to evolve to think in terms of fighting in a contested cyber
domain. The operational tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that are needed in the cyber domain are very similar to
what is already a matured process in the EW and EM community. So, although I understand the importance of a doctrinal,
lexicon, and domain discussion, we, as leaders in the EW and EM arena, have an opportunity to step out from our defensive
posture with cyber and shape how the EW and cyber communities move forward, and this will only make our Nation stronger.
Tom Curby-Lucier
Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Department of Operational Test and Evaluation Cyberspace and EW Support Cell Liaison, Joint Electronic Warfare Center

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