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Monitor photo courtesy US Navy.

As described by CAPT Scott Porter, PMA-272 Program
Manager, the Block 4 IDECM is a primary focus of his program office's "Strike Team," one of three teams comprising
PMA-272's activities. "The Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) of the AN/ALQ-214 (V) 4/5 version, is both a
capability and an integration improvement," says Porter,
"allowing us to expand the number of assets that will receive the upgrade to include classic C and D Hornets that
will receive the ALQ-214(V)5 version, as well as the AN/
ALQ-214 (V) 4 version for the F-18 E/F Super Hornets." Block
4 is currently in developmental test with operational testing planned for the second quarter of FY2014 and an IOC in
early FY2015.
Porter says the upgrade will also provide the fleet with
substantial growth potential, as well. "Because it's software
driven, in addition to providing the fleet with immediate
new capabilities, it's also getting a well-funded, well-supported line, through what we call Aircraft Self Protection
Optimization (ASPO), which allows rapid response to new
threat developments."
A second team within PMA-272, the "Assault Team," is
primarily focused on supporting the self-protection require-

ments of rotorcraft platforms, which in the two most recent
wars, have faced a variety of IR-based threats. The team is
now in the process of delivering an upgrade to the IR-sensor
of the DoN LAIRCM system which was fielded as an urgent
operational need program to protect large Navy and Marine
helicopters. The Advanced Threat Warner (ATW) will provide missile warning as well as hostile fire indication (HFI)
and laser warning. The system is currently in test, with an
IOC scheduled for the second quarter of FY2014.
Further down the road, the Joint and Allied Threat
Awareness System (JATAS) system is now in Engineering
Manufacturing Development (EMD). Currently at the premilestone C stage, the plan is for an IOC with the V-22 Osprey in FY2017. A similar capability to DoN LAIRCM, but
targeted to replace the AN/AAR-47 missile warner on smaller rotorcraft platforms, PMA-272 is currently releasing new
JATAS software for live-fire testing conducted at Naval Air
Weapon Station China Lake, with additional live-fire testing planned in the near future.
Although the Assault Team is primarily focused on IR
countermeasures, CAPT Porter points out that it is also handling an important upgrade to Northrop Grumman's (Rolling
Meadows, IL) AN/APR-39 RWR system. Considered a "correction-of-deficiencies" activity, the system (which has the
nomenclature AN/APR-39D(V)2) incorporates new digital receiver technology to deal with increased signal/threat densities. A critical design review (CDR) was conducted on the
system in September. Porter says that the Army's decision
to join with the Navy on the AN/APR-39D(V)2 without adding new requirements or developing their own alternative
RWR, is hugely significant, noting that the Army is claiming the move will result in savings in the neighborhood
of a billion dollars. The Navy expects to begin receiving
hardware deliveries shortly, and the first couple of software
drops for the integration effort will start in January.
PMA-272's "Common Team," meanwhile, is focused on
flare and chaff expendables technology. Captain Porter notes
that a large portion of the funding out of their ASPO activity
is directed at continuously optimizing flare cocktails to stay
ahead of the threat. In addition to several ongoing science
and technology efforts, the Common Team has now also taken on responsibility for procurement of all expendables for
all strike fighter customers, including all US services and all
foreign requirements. Says Porter, "It's a pretty large growth
in their workload, but it's also already resulted in savings
through the consolidated approach." - J. Haystead

The Journal of Electronic Defense | November 2013

NAVAIR's Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems
Program Office (PMA-272) is in the midst of preparing to
transition a number of new electronic warfare (EW) systems
to the fleet. Among these is the Block 4 upgrade of the
Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM)
suite for the F-18E/F Super Hornet. An engineering change
proposal (ECP) upgrade to the AN/ALQ-214 RF countermeasure system from Exelis (Clifton, NJ), Block 4 is the latest in
a series of block upgrades to the IDECM suite.



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