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The Journal of Electronic Defense | November 2013


Thales UK and its partner Blue Bear
Systems Research have completed a successful ballistic launch trial as part of
the development of a future naval active
decoy round under the joint UK/French
ACCOLADE technology demonstrator
program (TDP).
ACCOLADE is a four-year research and
development activity that will include
laboratory and flight testing of a prototype system. Thales UK, teamed with its
sister Thales unit in France, was selected to lead the ACCOLADE program in early 2011 under a £14.4 million contract.
The Underwater and Electronic Warfare
team in the UK's Defence Equipment and
Support organization is the contracting
authority, and is managing the program
on behalf of the two nations.
The TDP is focusing on an off-board
active decoy capable of defeating radio
frequency (RF)-guided anti-ship cruise
missile threats employing advanced signal processing techniques and modern
threat flight/transmission characteristics. The intention is to mature the
ACCOLADE design solution up to Technology Readiness Level 6/7, opening the
way for a next-generation RF anti-ship
missile defense countermeasure to meet
the needs of the Royal Navy (as a replacement for the Mk 251 Active Decoy
Round) and France's Marine nationale.
No specific details of the ACCOLADE
technical solution - either the Blue Bear
carrier vehicle or the EW payload - have
been released by Thales to date. However, the UK Ministry of Defence says that
the system will be fired along a ballistic
trajectory, and then slow down to begin
It continues: "As a missile nears the
target ship, the decoy can be maneuvered into position, where it aims to 'distract' or disturb the range and accuracy
of the missile seeker guidance system.
If the missile seeker is already locked

onto the ship in final attack phase, the
decoy can 'seduce' the seeker by presenting a larger radar cross signature, in
comparison to the host platform, which
draws the missile away from the ship."
According to Thales, the ACCOLADE
TDP has been split into three distinct
technology development phases to prove
launch, flight/loiter and EW payload integration. The program is scheduled to
culminate in early 2015 with a complete


end-to-end system demonstration over
water at a range facility in France.
The first phase demonstration was
completed at the Larkhill range in southern England in July, successfully de-risking the launch phase of the ACCOLADE
solution. Demonstration of in-flight performance is expected to conclude with
a trial in late 2013/early 2014, with EW
payload integration to follow in the second half of 2014. - R. Scott

❍ A British Army soldier, identified as 22-year-old Lance Corporal James Brynin
was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan last month. According to published
sources, Brynin, who was serving with the 14th Signal Regiment (EW) in Helmland
Province, died after his patrol came under enemy fire after responding to an
imminent threat, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. Brynin, who joined
the intelligence corps in 2011, had served a tour in Afghanistan in 2012 and
returned there in August as an intelligence analyst working for a light EW team
within the Brigade Reconnaissance Force of the 7th Armoured Brigade. Friends
and colleagues mourning Brynin lauded him for his skill, intelligence, talent and
❍ Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have requested to purchase, via US
Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channels, missiles and munitions in two separate
deals worth up to $11.8 billion. Among the requested missiles and munitions are
650 AGM-84H Standoff Land Attack Missiles-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) and
973 AGM-154C Joint Stand Off Weapons (JSOW) and 400 AGM-84L Harpoon Block II
missiles for Saudi Arabia's 84 new and 70 refurbished F-15SA aircraft. The agreement includes other munitions as well as mission planning, integration support
and testing, training and other support items. Among the requests of the UAE
are 1,200 AGM-154C JSOWs and 300 AGM-84H SLAM-ERs, as well as other missiles
and munitions, data link pods, storage, training, software and spares in support
of the UAE's fleet of F-16s.
❍ The US Army announced that Harris Corporation (Melbourne, FL) would receive
an increase of $847 million to an existing indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery
contract awarded in 2011 to provide tactical military communications to international customers via FMS channels. The contract covers the Harris Falcon family
of tactical radio solutions, including the PRC-117G and RF-7800M wideband manpack, PRC-152A wideband handheld and RF-7800S soldier personal radios.
❍ TMD Technologies Ltd. (Hayes, Middlesex, UK) has announced several management changes. Peter Butcher is retiring as the firm's managing director and is
moving into a new role as Executive Chairman, while stepping back from dayto-day duties. Dave Brown has been appointed as managing director, and James
Allibone has been named as Sales and Business Development Director. Nigel Hann
has been appointed head of sales. a


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