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FEATURE Diapers to Diplomas: Readiness and Early By: Aleisha Sheridan, Henderson County Schools in partnership with Albert Fox, Governor’s Office of Early Childhood S tudies show that positive childhood development, along with the right support system, generally will produce well-balanced, responsible and caring adults. The goal of the Henderson County schools is to achieve both by providing a continuum of services and opportunities that nurture and develop preschoolers and prepare high school seniors for their futures. Career Technical Education One of the opportunities Henderson County offers is a Family Consumer Sciences career track, which gives students a broad education in childhood development, as well as practical experience that will contribute to their futures. This is one of 14 career pathways offered by the system. Students who wish to participate in the cooperative experience during their senior year must complete a series of prerequisite courses. The first pertains to child/human development. The course addresses the practical problems related to understanding the types and stages of human growth and development, the effects of heredity and environment and the needs of exceptional children. It also promotes optimum growth and development in the infancy, toddler and preschool stages. Next, the students have the option to participate in Child Development Services I and Child Development Services 2. These are designed for students who wish to further their education at the post-secondary level in the area of early childhood education or elementary education. Through the Family Consumer Sciences coursework, students can earn a Career Major Certificate in addition to their high school diploma. This Career Major Certificate will help build a strong portfolio a student can use when pursuing additional education or employment. This major r increases student achievement and contributes to the number who complete post-secondary education. The major also fosters motivation by tivation helping students make the connection between what they are learning re in school and success in future educational and employment opportuniopportunities. Another benefit for students is realizing the relevance of education in ducation their lives, which helps them build futures that match their aspirations. pirations. New Early Learning Center The new Thelma B. Johnson Early Learning Center (TBJELC), JELC), which is dedicated to earliest learners, offers another great opportunity ortunity to students. On this campus are 20 preschool classrooms and one high ne school classroom. As you walk the halls of TBJELC you see bright eyes ght of children actively engaged and learning. These eyes belong to 4- to g 17-year-old youths who are benefitting from interaction with each other. ach Here high school students participating in the Family Consumer Science mer Program receive extensive on-the-job training for preschool and general and child care. The youngsters in turn are able to interact with responsible, esponsible, 16 • Kentucky School Leader Spring | Summer 2013 013 nurturing young adults. For their work, the students may obtain dual credits and/or their Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials through Henderson Community College. Our Marriage With the construction of TBJELC and the reassignment of students to the school, a new partnership evolved. Multiple planning meetings between the high school instructors and preschool administration led to an agreement that was “a match made in heaven.” In the past, high school students were assigned to each of our eight elementary schools and/or local child care centers during their senior year of cooperative experience.

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