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NOTE FROM THE EDITOR MER 2013 SPRING | SUM of the Publication ociation of Kentucky Ass trators inis School Adm Education Law & Policy + ear s and Techno-F Smart Decision cs Turns 18 The Code of Ethi erstone Corn Golden Rule is ership of Ethical Lead t and Seclusion Use of Restrain in Public Schools omas Diapers to Dipl Dear Readers, Why did you join KASA? Year after year when we ask members this question, one of the top answers is always assistance with legal matters. KASA’s Executive Director and General Counsel Wayne Young is always available to answer members’ questions and give legal advice. This alone is a tremendous benefit to members, but we wanted to go a step further. For the past two years, KASA and the UK College of Education P20 Education Policy and Law Lab have teamed up to provide a two-day symposium that provides the knowledge administrators need to make legally sound decisions while reducing liability, litigation and other potential legal tangles. This year is no exception. On June 6-7, 2013, school administrators across the commonwealth will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from experts in the field of education law and policy. This edition of the Kentucky School Leader will give you a sneak peak at a few of the sessions offered at this year’s annual law and policy symposium. As you turn the pages, you will find articles on seclusion and restraint; ethics; best practices and prevention from an auditing standpoint; evaluating equity, cyber-bullying, and awareness and more! It is my hope that this edition offers you a bit of knowledge that will assist you as you go about your daily work. Also, remember when you have a concern or need legal assistance, Wayne Young is just a phone call away. He is always available to assist KASA members. Wayne can be reached at (800) 9285272 or Complete session details and online registration for the 3rd Annual Education Law & Policy Symposium are available at -> Leadership Development -> Education Law & Policy. Sincerely, Wanda Darland Web, Publications & Affiliate Services Coordinator 636959_Editorial.indd 1 Kentucky School Leader Spring | Summer 2013 • 5 11/04/13 12:27 AM

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Note from the Editor
Smart Decisions and Techno-fear: Evaluating Equity, Cyber-Bullying and Awareness
The Code of Ethics Turns 18
Golden Rule is Cornerstone of Ethical Leadership
Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Public Schools
President's View: Feedback for Teachers Inside and Out of the Classroom
Diapers to Diplomas: A Marriage of Career Readiness and Early Childhood Development
From the Executive Director's Desk: The Shifting Landscape of Education Law
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Kentucky School Leader - Spring/Summer 2013