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The Canadian Pupil Transportation Conference is "Going to Winnipeg" in 2016 "Driving Education": 9th Canadian Pupil Transportation Conference Winnipeg, Manitoba April 16-21, 2016 By Ken Bergen and Ken Krulicki, Conference Co-chairs A group of Manitoba School Bus Transportation professionals have risen to the challenge of sponsoring the bi-annual Canadian Pupil Transportation Conference (CTPC) in Winnipeg, to be held at the Victoria Inn from April 16 to 21. This Conference will be the 9th Conference, and the first for Manitoba. We are excited to showcase Winnipeg and Manitoba at this event which brings school bus transportation professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and government officials together from across Canada and the United States. The Conference was set up to bring transportation administrators together to share information and discuss issues, trends in transportation and school busing, methods of operations in respective areas of operations, and processes and procedures used in other jurisdictions. This event will also give opportunity to review the newest equipment and technology, and for review of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) D250 standards for school bus construction. The Conference has crossed the country and in 2014 was hosted in Regina. A meeting was set up between the host committee from Regina and a group of delegates from Manitoba to discuss the 2016 Conference. A meeting was held with potential volunteers where Ken Bergen and Ken Krulicki volunteered to co-chair the event. Since that time there have been a number of monthly meetings to plan the Conference. The Conference Committee decided early on that MASBO had to be part of the effort. In November 2014, the co-chairs presented the progress of the Committee to MASBO's regional transportation conference and to MASBO's executive. The MASBO executive and Conference co-chairs have established a relationship which will help to support an exciting and informative Conference. The Committee, to date, has established a core of sub-committees, provided a RFP for the venue, chosen the date and facility, established a slogan "Going to Winnipeg", established a theme "Driving Education", established the preliminary Conference agenda and set up a web site ( We have developed a great relationship and partnership with Tourism Winnipeg who will assist us as we showcase Winnipeg and Manitoba. The Committee invites anyone who may be interested in helping make this a meaningful and applicable professional development and training conference, 23 * MASBO NEWS 2015 to contact MASBO or a CPTC 2016 Committee member. We do invite and encourage all suggestions for speakers and professional development opportunities that you feel would be timely and advantageous as we continue to plan. We strongly urge Manitoba school divisions to provide release time for technicians to attend the trade show where the latest in technology and product development will be showcased. We also encourage all MASBO members to attend the Conference and encourage our other educational partners such as MASS and MSBA to come and join us for all or part of this Conference. The dates are April 16-21, 2016. Please plan on taking this opportunity to make contacts and build on relationships with school bus transportation professionals. It is not very often that we have the opportunity to be a part of something on a National and International scale, and we are becoming more and more excited each month as we continue to plan and prepare for your attendance. It is our goal to make Manitoba and the Canadian Pupil Transportation Community proud! To learn more, visit ■

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The Canadian Pupil Transportation Conference is “Going to Winnipeg” in 2016
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