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9 THINGS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEADERS DO I n today's business world, it is easy to be caught up with endless meetings and emails, leaving little time to be with our people, the people doing the work of our companies. We must realize that our people are also our clients, our internal clients! I offer that highly effective leaders genuinely care about our people, their ideas and their success, and they let their people know that we care! This means: Delegating work and responsibilities that we do not have to do personally, which gives others opportunities to learn and grow 3 Getting help designing an email productivity improvement plan customized for each of us based on our personal schedules, energy flow and preferences 4 Attending only the meetings in which our presence is essential Realizing that the most effective open-door policy is getting out of our offices and walking the halls for at least some time every day Improving the efficiency of meetings, e.g., setting an agenda and objectives and managing time Making conversations, a top priority, especially one-on-one conversations 1 2 5 6 First Aid Training Centre CRC B 305 Madison St. Winnipeg, MB R3J 1H8 Phone: (204) 294 6210 Fax: (204) 415 3910 E-mail: Web: All levels of First Aid, CPR and AED training for staff and students. Large and small groups welcome. On site training or at our location. First Aid kits, supplies and AED units available. References from other School Divisions available. Canadian Red Cross Courses are recognized provincially and federally. 7 Realizing that the best ideas are bottom up ideas Listening patiently, wanting to understand and learn from everyone 8 Having the attitude that leadership is how we help people feel about themselves 9 Adapted from "Highly Effective Leaders Genuinely Care About Their People" by John Keyser, Common Sense Leadership ■ North Hill Electric MWI Consultants, Inc. Phone: (204) 781 6131 E-mail: Web: MWI Consultants specializes in evaluating and providing solutions for indoor air quality problems, including mould, asbestos, volatile organic compounds, smells/odours, fresh air supply adequacy or any other problem you may have. 28 * Read this issue online at 6323 Henderson Hwy. Gonor, MB R1C 0B9 Phone: (204) 509 9178 E-mail: Web: Contact: Archie Reeves We offer affordable electric services by a certified electrician, 25 years experience. Written estimates provided, all work guaranteed. Service upgrades, construction, renovations and lighting. ALL THINGS ELECTRIC SHOULD BE OUR NAME.

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MASBO 2014–2015 Executive
2014–2015 Committees
Message from the MASBO President
Message from the Executive Director
Honourary/Life Members
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MASBO Announces an Exclusive Pre-Conference Workshop
MASBO Annual Convention: “Emotional Intelligences in Action”
“It Ain’t What You Do…”: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
MASBO Welcomes New Executive Members
MASBO Says Farewell
2015 Grey Owl Award Recipient
Pupil Transportation: The Requirements and the Realities
The Canadian Pupil Transportation Conference is “Going to Winnipeg” in 2016
Workplace Safety and Health Programs Evolving in Manitoba School Divisions
MSBA Pension Plan Update
9 Things Highly Effective Leaders Do
Update on Sustainability for the New Schools in Manitoba
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MASBO News - 2015