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FEATURE THE PROMISE OF THE PHySICAl INTERNET More Sustainable, More Efficient and More Profitable Supply Chains By MARy lOU JAy P rofessor Benoit Montreuil looks at today's logistics systems and sees inefficiencies and unsustainable practices. * Trucks and shipping containers frequently travel empty or only half full. * Products sit in warehouses that are poorly utilized, far from the end customers, resulting in unsold or unused merchandise. * There is no fast and reliable multi-modal transportation. * System-wide automation is not economically feasible because of the wide variety of items shipped and the number of players operating independently. * Breakthrough innovations are difficult to achieve because there are no generic standards and protocols that apply throughout the distribution chain. But Montreuil, a faculty member in the Department of Operations and Business Decisions at Laval University in Québec, has a solution. He envisions a Physical Internet (PI) that will transform the way physical objects are moved, stored, realized, supplied and used. The goal is greater efficiency and sustainability. 22 MHI SolutIonS * Q1 * 2015

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 1

CEO Update
Total Supply Chain Visibilty
The Internet of Things
The Promise of the Physical Internet
Big Data’s Impact on Supply Chains
Industry Focus: The Aerospace Industry
Economic Market Analysis
Industry Trends
Fulfillment Update
Safer Handling
Solutions Spotlight
Roadmap Update
MHI News
Promat 2015 MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference
Index of Advertisers

MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 1