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FUlFIllMENT UPDATE Omnichannel: Creating a Strategy By kATIE kUEHNER-HEBERT I n 2015, MHI will introduce Solution Groups to its offering of productspecific Industry Groups. Solution Groups will collect information on trends and issues from the market and provide solutions and thought leadership, enabling MHI and its member companies to be the authoritative resource on material handling and supply chain topics. "We see this as an effective approach for engaging the end-user community and other interested parties (academia, media, etc.)," says Matthew Smurr, MHI Senior Director, Groups. "Solution Groups also provide valuable collaboration opportunities for MHI member companies in addition to product-specific efforts." One such Solution Group that MHI is currently piloting focuses on order fulfillment and is working with the Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS) Council. This new group will focus on fulfillment, in which solution providers and their customers discuss current innovations and trends-such as the increasing importance of omnichannel. The Fulfillment Solution Group will help companies understand "how to efficiently navigate a changing directto-consumer environment," says Shana Relle, marketing director, global marketing - logistics & material handling team at MHI member Intralox LLC. Indeed, while the association's Industry Product Groups focus on "the nuts and bolts" of specific technologies, Solution Groups will be more "holistic," adds Ed Romaine, CMO-VP marketing at MHI member Integrated Systems Design. "It allows a broad group of MHI member technology manufacturers to focus solely on the customer and enduser's order fulfillment requirements in the quest for the 'perfect pick,'" Romaine says. The focus on the end-user has become even more critical as more companies launch omnichannel models, he says. Years ago, there were simply distribution centers, in which many companies strictly focused on supplying their stores. That model evolved into multichannel retailing, in which companies supplied their stores and filled consumer orders from their catalog call centers. With the advent of the Internet and the rapid growth of eCommerce sales, companies were forced to create omnichannel strategies "to best meet and exceed their customer expectations," Romaine says. The additional task of handling returns makes omnichannel even more complicated. The ultimate goal is to handle both order fulfillment and handling returns "in a coordinated business fashion, to create 100 percent customer satisfaction and hopefully, turn a profit." Omnichannel strategy means blending all available resources to create a seamless purchasing, fulfillment and returns model-kiosks and vending The Fulfillment Solution Group will help companies understand "how to efficiently navigate a changing direct-to-consumer environment." - Shana Relle, marketing director, global marketing - logistics & material handling, Intralox LLC * MHI SolutIonS 57

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MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 1