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FEATURE TOTAl SUPPly CHAIN VISIBIlITy V isibility throughout the supply chain has routinely topped supply chain leaders' list of critical needs, but the actual implementation of strategies designed to achieve end-to-end visibility has not been evident-until now. "Studies conducted by Gartner two years ago demonstrated supply chain executives' concern about the need for visibility throughout the supply chain, but it wasn't until this year that we are seeing companies implement and deploy technology to enable visibility," says Christian A. Titze, research director for the Supply Chain Group at Gartner. "People recognize that businesses can no longer operate in silos and focus only on operations within their four walls." A number of drivers have moved supply chain operators toward greater visibility in the supply chain. Increasing global competition and the growth of eCommerce have created a more complex environment to source, fulfill and deliver products with By SHERyl S. JACkSON 8 MHI SolutIonS * Q1 * 2015 the speed and accuracy demanded by customers. At the same time, shareholders and customers pressure businesses to improve operating performance with cost-effective, efficient strategies. For many industries, regulatory requirements have increased the need for end-to-end visibility, points out Ken Boyd, marketing director for MHI member Supply Chain Services. "About 50 percent of our customers are in the food and beverage industries so they have an inherent need for traceability," he explains. The ability to track products from "field to fork" and retain that information is essential for potential product recalls for consumer safety. Product recalls are costly to execute, but if a customer can track a

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 1

CEO Update
Total Supply Chain Visibilty
The Internet of Things
The Promise of the Physical Internet
Big Data’s Impact on Supply Chains
Industry Focus: The Aerospace Industry
Economic Market Analysis
Industry Trends
Fulfillment Update
Safer Handling
Solutions Spotlight
Roadmap Update
MHI News
Promat 2015 MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference
Index of Advertisers

MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 1