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FEATURE The Rise of AUTOMATION and ROBOTICS in Supply Chains Advances in technology makes production systems more agile and help companies compete in fast-changing markets O n "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Captain JeanLuc Picard often pondered the week's signature conundrum over a cup of comfort. "Tea. Earl Gray. Hot," he'd say to the Replicator, and a moment later it would materialize. We're not quite there just yet, but at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we got one giant step closer with the debut of COOKI, the prototype for a robot that, in conjunction with an app that knows what fresh ingredients are available in your fridge, can present a list of recipes that work within those parameters and bring it all together right there in your kitchen. "I love to cook," says Henrik I. Christensen, Ph.D., "but I'm sure I would give it up for a machine that will do it for me. It's very cool!" Christensen is the KUKA chair of robotics at the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology By AMy DREW THOMPSON 16 MHI SolutIonS * Q2 * 2015 and the executive director of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines. He collaborates with the likes of Apple, BMW, Electrolux and others. "Very cool" is a pretty stellar review. It might be a decade or more before COOKI's robotic arm is whipping up a staff lunch in your warehouse's break room, but its bigger, burlier cousins will likely be out on its floor well before then. Robotics and automation is moving forward at veritable light speed, and the laws and regulations governing their use are finally catching up to the technology. In 2015 robots will not only be streamlining the process and facilities of the supply chain, they'll be

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CEO Update
Wearable and Mobile Technologies
The Rise of Automation and Robotics in Supply Chains
Disruptive Technology
The Power of the Cloud
Connections between Education, Industry Key to Training the Workforce of the Future
The Food and Beverage Industry
ProMat 2015 Preview
2015 MHI Innovation Awards to be Awarded During ProMat
Industry Trends
Economic Market Analysis
Collaborate With Supply Chain Management Programs to Solve the Workforce Shortage
Safer Handling
MHI Solution and Product Groups—Moving Forward
Solution Group Update
Solutions Spotlight
Roadmap Update
Where Are They Now
MHI News
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MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 2