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INDUSTRy UPDATE the FOOD and BEVERAGE industry An increasing number of products are shaping the industry's processes T hese days, food and beverage is focused on fresh-and that's not just in kitchens and restaurants. From farm to fork, the industry is under tremendous pressures that require new approaches. For a snapshot of the pressures on food and beverage, look to the category of non-alcoholic beverages, once dominated by a handful of carbonated beverage producers. These days, there are energy and sports drinks, water, pseudo-healthy, fruit juices and more. And that doesn't even take into consideration the plethora of packaging. Coca-Cola, for instance, brought back its popular polar bears in winter packaging and, last summer, kicked off its "Summer of Sharing" campaign by swapping out three of its iconic logos with 250 of the most popular first names among American teens and Millennials and asking them to "Share a Coke." That idea was to encourage consumers to buy a Coke with their own name on it or buy one for a friend with his or her name on it and was hailed as one of the most successful campaigns of the summer.  "Manufacturers have spent a fortune on focus groups and found that the way things are packaged has a lot to do with sales," said Barry Evans, vice president of sales for MHI member WRH Marketing Americas. "The variety of packaging for the same product is becoming bigger and bigger. Colors change with the season. But along with each one of these changes comes a different SKU." An increasing number of products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trends affecting the broader food and beverage industry. Add in more demands-from both consumers and the federal government-for insight into what's inside those pretty packages. And then toss in a sprinkling of global trends-particularly toward urbanization-to create a recipe that spells lots of new ideas. By SANDy SMITH 40 MHI SolutIonS * Q2 * 2015

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The Rise of Automation and Robotics in Supply Chains
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Connections between Education, Industry Key to Training the Workforce of the Future
The Food and Beverage Industry
ProMat 2015 Preview
2015 MHI Innovation Awards to be Awarded During ProMat
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Collaborate With Supply Chain Management Programs to Solve the Workforce Shortage
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MHI Solution and Product Groups—Moving Forward
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MHI Solutions - Volume 3, Issue 2