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t's 2017: The flying cars promised by the creators of "The
Jetsons" have cruelly eluded us, but the event planners and
avid travelers of the past would still be astonished by how
far we've come - and perhaps comforted by the things that stay
the same. What can we expect from hotels in the coming year?
Let's take a look.

It may be bad news for leisure travelers with a desire to
unplug on their resolution list, but hotels are set to be more
connected than ever. Attendees are demanding in-room tech and
they're getting it. Per a survey by the American Hotel & Lodging
Association, conducted by data provider STR, high-speed
wireless Internet and high-definition flat screen televisions are
now available in 98 and 88 percent of U.S. hotel rooms.
What's more, according to Hotel Technology's recent Lodging
Technology Study more than half the properties polled say they'll
be making guestroom upgrades a priority, with many looking to
boost bandwidth to support the devices guests bring with them.
Things to expect include TVs that interface with mobile.
And speaking of, hotels around the globe are already
increasing what guests can do right from their devices. The
stage has been set for mobile check-in, mobile keys, and mobile
payments - even the ability to choose one's own room.
Per the AHLA study, use of mobile apps for services is
on the rise. At 35 percent, we're at an industry high that's
likely to climb. Nearly two-thirds of hotels polled already
have mobile check-in capability - though these are mostly
top-tier properties.
Even so changes like this will have a ripple effect, and so
it's likely we'll see a revamping of traditional front-desk areas
and check-in spaces to something more social where barriers
between staffers and guests are broken down. Think sofa- or
communal table-style check-ins being done on tablets in a more
social, flexible work space type setting.
They may offer guests a spa water - or even a
cocktail - during the process.

The days of the pastry-laden continental breakfast at hotels
may be coming to a close. As healthy, organic foods become
more and more popular with guests at home, many expect



to find those same
options when they travel - and
hotels are delivering. What other foodie hotness will hotels be
employing? Here are a few trends
BREAKFAST: Okay, everyone's loved the most important meal
of the day for forever (McDonald's even serves it all day now!),
and many hotels will be following suit. Popular items to look for
include breakfast tacos and sandwiches, both of which pack a
protein punch but can be eaten with one hand while checking
email with the other.
BOWLS: Acai at breakfast continues to smolder. And,
like in 2016, we'll continue to see ramen, poke and a host of
green-and-grain-based bowls making inroads. What's more,
bowls work beautifully as a take-away food for fast-casual
breakfast and lunch gatherings, and they make for beautiful
presentations for more formal, sit-down affairs and really give
guests an eyeful of color and plenty.
VEGGIES: Yes, plant-based options are on the upswing,
with lots of veggie-spun comfort foods eating up menu space
(remember though, just because it's vegetable-based doesn't
mean it's low-cal!). Quinoa will remain popular for its nutty bite
and protein infusion, but look for barley as a new option.


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