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eoCon is one of the most
important events of the
year for the commercial
design industry. From
June 12-14, more
than 50,000 design
professionals descended on Chicago to
explore the latest design innovations
and workplace trends. With more than
1 million square feet of exhibition space,
the show launches thousands of new
products by 700 leading companies. The
exhibition is complemented by first-class
educational programming, association
forums, special events and keynote
presentations that showcase leading
industry and business experts.
This year's keynote speaker Arianna
Huffington spoke on wellness in the
workplace. She recently started Thrive
Global after a serious health scare
gave her a wakeup call. Exhausted,
she collapsed in her office, landing on
the corner of her desk, breaking her
cheekbone and injuring her eye needing
stitches. Doctors and tests could find why
she collapsed. She says now, "Nothing
was wrong, yet everything was wrong."
Thrive Global's mission is to end the
stress and burnout epidemic by offering
companies and individuals sustainable,
science-based solutions to enhance both
well-being and performance. Ranked
as one of the Top 10 most stressful
jobs (right behind police officers),
event coordinators know stress! But,
we love what we do and keep coming
back for more. Fortunately, burnout
is no longer the price we must pay for
success. Companies are working to
enhance well-being and, therefore,
performance. Huffington's inspirational
message challenged designers and
manufacturers to create products
and spaces conducive to well-being,
leading to productivity and creativity.



The sustainability trend at NeoCon
has expanded beyond the building
to the workers in the building. The
health and well-being of the worker
can have a huge bottom-line impact.
It is not enough to reduce our carbon
footprint. If we cut back and reduce,
where does that leave us in 10, 100
or 1,000 years? A few manufacturers
are raising their hands to be agents of
restoration and regeneration, creating
a better world than how we found it.
Mohawk Groups' Lichen Collection of
flooring gives more resources back to
the environment than it uses during its
entire life cycle. Bureo collects and
recycles plastic fishing nets (10 percent
of the ocean's plastic pollution) that it
then transforms into pellets that can be
used to create quality products such
as sunglasses and skateboards. They
partnered with Humanscale to develop an
office chair made from recycled fishing
nets - protecting wildlife and supporting


local fishing communities in the process.
That's creating a net-positive impact!
Further, wellness in the workplace
was seen in the continuing "resimercial"
trend. The blending of residential finishes
on commercial products creates a warm,
welcoming setting that goes a long way
toward attracting and retaining workers,
as well as increases productivity.
Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all
standardization solution, office furniture
manufacturers are offering personal,
customizing touches that balance
collaboration with privacy. Their
products are making office environments
look more like residential settings than
ever before.
NeoCon definite gave attendees a
glimpse into the future of the workplace. @
Christina Conway works for Humanscale.
She is also director of marketing
for MPIGNY. She can be reached at


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