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#feature SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EVENTS: BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER BY KELLY FILIPPONE S ocial media is a great tool for anyone involved in an event and a great way to network. Whether you are the hosting venue, caterer or a speaker, or event planner, any person or company can get involved in social media. This increases your exposure to industry professionals and potential clients. Here are some ideas for how to use social media before, during and after your next event. #Hashtag Tips Creating a hashtag is the best way for event attendees to keep all of the social media organized and easy to search. Decide on a hashtag that pertains to the event and is short and simple. A good example is IMEX America's - #IMEX14 - and then change the year annually. Simple, easy and intuitive is the best way to go, so that your attendees will be comfortable including it. The shorter, the better since there are limited characters for Twitter. 14 @MPIGNY WINTER 2015 BEFORE What you and your company or organization need to do first is identify what social media outlets your event should be featured. For MPIGNY Chapter events, we normally create an event on Facebook and then post about it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The variety of outlets is to increase the chances of reaching more members who prefer different outlets. Another way to gain followers is to create a section on your event website about social media where your attendees can find what handles they should follow and what #hashtag to use. Have your company along with other vendors involved in the event start tweeting and posting about the event. This builds the "community" of the event before it even begins. Once you have established your presence on social media, Miguel Neves, the senior online community manager of the IMEX GROUP and UK & Ireland MPI Chapter President, says "Drip feed your story. Telling the story of your event from the beginning in small, easily understood bits." It is important to not overwhelm your followers and post periodically and not all at once. Prior to the event, you can share important event information, ask attendees to submit any questions so the speakers can prepare or simply share their excitement about attending. Advance Planning Craft some social messages prior to the event and schedule them in advance (through social media management software) or have someone from your team manually send them according to a schedule. But you still need someone live tweeting and responding in real time to your attendees. Another way to prepare for your big event is to include your social media info on printed materials and presentations. This way, when attendees are sitting in on a discussion or seeing this info over and over throughout the event they are seeing the social media and this will prompt them to get on their phone and follow you and join in the online conversation. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true. Joanna Puchalski, meeting planner at Opal Financial recommends, "short and sweet posts, with a photo often helps get the message across. When you post a picture as you're preparing for the event, whether the band is setting up or you've got the name badges all set your attendee knows what to expect and is often engaged before they step foot into the event." Your attendees will appreciate the sneak peek at the event they will be attending.

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