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#ask the board *  arvie Gillikin - The salmon at C Etcetera Etcetera on 44th and 9th in NYC. *  eghan Schilt, CMP - Hands M down, my Mom's Thanksgiving...food made with love tastes so delicious! *  obert Sanders, CMP - My R best meal "recently" was breakfast at the "Lost Dog Café" in Charleston, S.C. It was the Lost Dog's very own huevos rancheros, a bean and cheese quesadilla topped with peppers, onions, black beans and two fried eggs served with salsa and sour cream and Colorado pork chile with a Southernstyle biscuit and gravy, cheese grits and a bloody Mary served in a Mason jar. WHAT'S THE BEST MEAL YOU'VE EVER EATEN? MARO'S SHRIMP HOUSE IN CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO. - KELLY FILIPPONE Kelly Filippone at Maro's. 6 @MPIGNY WINTER 2015 *  uzanne Medcalf - The best S meal ever (that wasn't at Woods in Toronto with Josh Novick) was at a tucked away restaurant in Ljubljana - I joined other IMEX challenge volunteers as the students and caregivers from the care center Draga for a night of food and fellowship. We had spent the days prior building a bee house at the center and had made incredible connections with the students during the long days. To end the week with a meal prepared by them was an incredible experience - we ate local pasta and vegetables and drank delicious wine. After the meal the students put on a show and we danced the night away! *  osh Novick - Best meal ever J (that wasn't at Woods in Toronto with Suzanne Medcalf) was at L'Erba del Re in Modena, Italy. After a harrowing drive from Bologna in what can be called an Italian monsoon, and driving through multiple limited traffic zones (the resulting tickets were worth it), we arrived at L'Erba del Re for what would be one of the most memorable tasting menus ever. The chef has just

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