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#feature PERSONAL BRANDING WITH CECI JOHNSON BY KELLY FILIPPONE AND SUSANNA FLORES Q A & 14 @MPIGNY SPRING 2015 W hile our business and clients are paramount in our professional lives, we sometimes need to stop and think about ourselves. Businesses pay top dollar to marketing and branding firms to create the perfect perception for consumers and clients. However, we often neglect our personal branding and style to the detriment of our professional development. Ceci Johnson, a personal branding expert, says that this is something that we all need to think more about. Not only does she run a successful paper goods company, Ceci New York, but she has transformed herself into an event and wedding expert through positioning herself and her brand perfectly. Johnson notes that we create our personal brands by managing how clients and colleagues perceive us on paper and in person. We can further hone our brand in how we present ourselves digitally. Below are some of Ceci's tips on how you can boost your own image and brand to stand out in our competitive industry and positively impact your professional growth. MPIGNY: What is a personal brand?  Ceci Johnson: A personal brand is really your visual DNA. It's your mark on the world - like Nike has the Swoosh and Target has the Bullseye, you should have your own mark that identifies you from the rest. It precedes you with your initial correspondence and first impressions. The goal is to make your own statement and be memorable. It can be as simple as utilizing a uniform color palette all the way through to a fully created and designed logo and identity.  MPIGNY: Why is it important to have a personal brand?  Ceci Johnson: In the age of selfies and instant information, it's important to take the time to define your style. Without planning and thought, you can easily put out mixed messages from one day to the next. Aim for consistency with your

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