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#feature MEETING AND EVENT TRENDS: LET'S GET ENGAGED! BY WALTER RECHER Transitioning from Attendee to Participant The combination of social media and mobile technologies are leading the way, as they offer a wide range of attendee engagement options. The entire dynamic of meetings is changing from a one-way monologue to a multidimensional experience where the attendees feel more involved and committed to the topics, speakers and their fellow colleagues as well. Innovative event planners have quickly evolved from providing talking heads who follow slide presentations to engaging meeting participants through a continuous communication, as they look to meet their demand for to informed, engaged and even inspired. Meeting designers are also offering shorter event sessions, and choosing speakers who are more dynamic and proficient in technology. Major Tech Innovations for Event Planners I n the never-ending drive to tighten budgets, meeting planners are challenged to demonstrate a better ROI to senior management. And with the continued demand from attendees to be more engaged in their event experience, technology has played a transformative role as a management and measurement tool. As the availability of free Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the norm at leading hotels and conference centers, social media and interactive apps offer more innovative channels to recruit and engage participants - leading up to, during and after events. These developments have pushed meeting designers to work with venues to move from passive theater-style seating arrangements to alternate room sets, which facilitate discussion and participation, and event planners report an increase in satisfaction about the overall experience from attendees. 16 @MPIGNY SPRING 2015 Some key developments currently in play include: * Social media apps are used to recruit and engage participants before the events, during and after events, with networking options built into a growing number of mobile apps. * "Mobilized" media - Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and others - offer instant feedback and input about topics, speakers and attendee meet-ups. * Online event gaming apps increase participant engagement and provide opportunities to add a fun element to meetings, providing rewards, status, achievement and a competitive element, to name a few. * Hubs that offer moderated live event "social walls" - Hashcaster, SocialWall and TweetWall. * Specialized engagement apps for speakers - UberMeetings, Crowd Mics, MeetingPulse and PollEverwhere. As event participants continue to push for a better experience from their meetings, savvy planners will need to engage them with tools that will provide more personalized communication and venues that meet their evolving demands.   @

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