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#notes...from the field Congratulations to our own Board Member, Julie Green, on being included in the "Industry Leader 40 Under 40" from Collaborate Magazine! Caneel Bay Resort was featured as the backdrop for the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, specifically for their body paint segment. Caneel Bay's Digital Manager, Kelly Filippone hosted the models and crew for their shoot last year. She celebrated the magazine launch at a special event in February in New York City at Marquee. Best Bloody Mary in town is at Jacob's Pickles on the Upper East Side. The beverage is made with peppercorn infused vodka and served with a fresh romaine lettuce leaf, a spicy jalapeño pickled egg and crisp slice of ranch bacon. All I can say is WOW; you will never want another BM anywhere in the world! Cuba is the new destination on the block that is rich in culture, history and full of new experiences. Here are just a few travel hints on what to expect should you venture there right now. Currently, the only way to fly into Cuba from the U.S. is by charter, since there aren't any direct commercial flights - not to worry, those commercial flights are on the way. Prepare to slow down when dining and expect lunch or dinner to take at the very least two hours if not more. Many private homes have been turned into small family restaurants called paladares, some are small with 5-10 tables and some are much larger. Beans, rice and plantains are served at every meal and the final bill will be surprisingly low for what you get. If you need to stay connected to the world, the internet is not very fast, hard to come by and really only available in the hotels with the purchase of a wifi card. Outside of Havana even the hotels do not offer wifi, so best to stick inside the city if you need to stay in touch. Overall the country is a gem and worth a visit! Next time you visit Asheville, N.C., you might leave with a puppy! The Aloft Hotel has begun a program to host one dog at a time from a local shelter, hoping a guest will fall in love and take the pup to its "fur-ever" home. During the AMCI conference in Miami, Fla. - the Miami-Dade police escorted the buses through traffic to get them to their evening events - it was quite a thrill to watch I-95 South shut down for the "VIPs" to get through! Now we know what our President Carvie Gillikin must feel like when he travels! If you're feeling sick, but not sure you want to brave the walk in clinic or an emergency room? Try downloading Pager. The app provides a system described as "Ubering a doctor." You hit a button to request a doctor - you can see their photos, specialties, credentials and fees - within five minutes a the board certified doctor you chose will call you. If a phone consultation is all you need, the charge is $50, if you and the doctor agree a home visit is necessary the cost will be $300. The doctor can call in prescriptions, administer medicine and send you a form to submit to insurance. One of our board members recently tried it after dealing with a stomach flu and reported that the experience was a bright spot in an otherwise terrible few days. As an added incentive, first time visits are only $49. @ Share Your Notes From the Field Do you have a fun travel or meetings tip that you want to share with MPIGNY? Let us know on Twitter (@MPIGNY)! mpigny.org 23 http://www.mpigny.org

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Day in the Life Exploring London With Deborah Kelly
Meetings Industry Building Global Momentum
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