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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE #message A Carvie Gillikin MPIGNY President s I began writing this edition of my message to the membership, I was reminded this would be my last one. It is hard to fathom that 18 months is almost over, and we will be transitioning to a new Board of Directors in just a few short months. It seems like only yesterday that I received a call from past president Lesly Rehaut to consider joining the board. Dan Paradiso was the incoming president, and the only other person who I knew was Meghan Schilt. In all honesty, it was a bit intimidating, but I am so glad I made the choice to get involved and later set a goal to be president. The relationships I built over the past few years have far exceeded my expectations, and I am truly thankful! In many of my previous messages, I have highlighted the successes our chapter has experienced. There are so many successes - too many to mention - and now is the time to begin focusing on the future, focusing on our strategic growth plan that was created in 2012 and that we continue to tweak. Our growth and continued success depends greatly on our membership and your involvement in the chapter. As with any organization, MPIGNY needs more volunteers to help achieve our goals. We have so many opportunities for you to volunteer with some having flexibility with hours and locations. For example, you may have clients in the greater New York area while you are located in Miami, Chicago or even LA. There are great opportunities on the Membership Team to email and make phone calls to new and renewing members, some who might even be your clients. So while the choice is yours, take it from someone that knows firsthand. Being a part of the Board of Directors for MPIGNY is time well spent - both personally and professionally. The 2015-2016 Board of Directors includes many amazingly talented individuals. I am excited to be in the role of Immediate Past President and supporting each and every one of them. I wish you much continued success and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming MPIGNY event. Sincerely, Carvie Gillikin MPIGNY President Vice President/Partner Fourth Wall Events carvie@fourthwallevents.com TRAVEL DESTINATION? *  arly Roncaglio-Marotta - There are LOTS of places C I want to visit that are on my bucket list, but my ULTIMATE place/experience is to visit Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and witness the Great Migration!   *  oshua Novick - Now that I am lucky enough to have J fulfilled my dream of going to the Antarctic, I'm now obsessed with visiting the Arctic Circle, including Svarlbard, Greenland and Iceland. And to thaw out ... the Maldives. *  ennifer Blair - Galapagos Islands! J *  uzanne Medcalf - I would love to visit Seychelles - it S looks like true paradise! *  arvie Gillikin - I want to trek across the outback in C Australia and bring a kangaroo to my farm in NJ! *  obert Sanders, CMP - My ultimate travel destination R is to take a trip to Portugal. My wife's entire family is from Madeira, which is a small island off of the coast in the Azores. They have magical culture, amazing food and the weather is terrific and warm! *  tefany Stanley - Tokyo. When I was a little girl dreamt of S going to Tokyo to meet "Hello Kitty." Obviously my goals have changed, however, my desire to see Tokyo and it's unique culture remains as powerful as it was at age 10. *  ennifer McMahon-Hinz, CMM, CMP - Churchill, J Manitoba in Canada to see the polar bears when they gather right before the ice freezes. Churchill is one of the few human settlements where polar bears can be observed in the wild when the bears begin their move from their summer habitat on the tundra back to seal-hunting territory. The ice forms every winter over Hudson Bay and the bears gather for its freezing. Since they are typically solitary animals, it's supposed to be an amazing experience to be able to see them interact with each other.   @ What's Your Bucket List Travel Destination? Take a minute and let MPIGNY know on Twitter (@MPIGNY)! mpigny.org 5 http://www.mpigny.org

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Ask the Board What Is Your Ultimate Travel Destination?
President’s Message by Carvie Gillikin
Building a Strong Team
Healthy Habits for the Home Office
Incentivize Me: The Road to Incentive Trip Recovery
Glamping Across the Usa and Abroad
14 Personal Branding With Ceci Johnson
Member Spotlight a Conversation With Alesia Lawson
Meeting and Event Trends: Let’s Get Engaged!
Day in the Life Exploring London With Deborah Kelly
Meetings Industry Building Global Momentum
18 Shades of Green
Ibtm America Launches a New Show Format This Summer
Notes From the Field
Javits Center Debuts a New Look, Feel for Nyc Meetings
Meeting in Detroit
New Members
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Iceland Offers Endless Ideas for Events

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