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MCC AAC MOTOR COACH CANADA L'ASSOCIATION DES AUTOCARISTES CANADIENS Driver Hours of Service Rules For Everyone's Safety A motor coach driver's hours of service are strictly regulated by Federal and Provincial laws. These laws limit the number of hours a driver can drive in a day, the length of a work shift, and the number of work hours a driver can accumulate over the course of a 7- or 14-day period. Canada's Driver Hours of Service Rules Drivers are allowed to drive for 13 hours and must have at least 10 hours off-duty in a 24-hour day. The minimum break between work shifts is 8 hours; however under no circumstances can the work shift break be shortened. After 16 hours has elapsed since the driver started work, the driver cannot drive a bus again until 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time. Drivers cannot exceed 70 hours on-duty in a 7-day period, and drivers must have at least one full day (24 hours) off in the preceding 14 days. If These Limits Are Exceeded The driver and the bus company can be charged and fined, threatening the bus company's operating privileges. The driver can be placed "out of service" at a roadside inspection. Additionally, the law makes the user of the transportation service responsible for compliance and subject to prosecution in cases in which the driver is requested, required, or allowed to exceed the allowable limit. How Will Anyone Find Out? Driver's log books can be examined at any time during a trip by police or government transportation enforcement officers. Audits of driver and company records at the bus company's premises will detect hours of service violation. Reminder to Tour Operators and Tour Directors Please don't ask your driver to break the law by exceeding these limits. After all, the safety of your group is the number one priority! In addition, you can be charged under the law for a driver's hours of service violations. Note: The above information is only a brief overview of the hours of service regulations. The rules governing driver hours of service in both countries are complex, and to ensure compliance, reference must be made to the official statutes and regulations for both countries. For further information, contact 10 Tour & Travel Canada

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