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new products ANNUITIES By Christine Cusatis Flexible Annuity Helps Protect Against Market Decline M etLife, Inc. has announced the launch of MetLife Shield Level SelectorSM 3-Year, a single premium deferred annuity. The new offering complements MetLife Shield Level SelectorSM, which launched in 2013. Both allow clients to benefit from potential market growth while helping protect assets from market decline. Clients can now choose between the three-year withdrawal charge schedule offered by Shield Level Selector 3-Year and the six-year withdrawal charge schedule offered by Shield Level Selector, allowing them greater flexibility to select the timeframe that best meets their personal investment needs. "People approaching retirement age often grapple with a central question-does the potential for market growth outweigh the risk of market losses when it comes to retirement savings?" says Elizabeth Forget, executive vice president of MetLife retail retirement and wealth solutions. "With our Shield offerings, we've created solutions that give clients the potential for market gains, coupled with downside protection. Our new 3-Year design offers additional flexibility, allowing clients who may have a shorter investment timeline access to the unique features of Shield." Shield Level Selector 3-Year and Shield Level Selector offer a number of benefits to clients, including: 1. Protection. Clients can customize the level of downside protection for their product investment, with options ranging from 10 percent to 100 percent. New Universal Life Insurance Offers Clients Peace of Mind A merican International Group has introduced Secure Lifetime GUL 3, a flexible premium, adjustable universal life insurance with secondary guarantee provisions designed to offer competitive pricing and consumer-friendly features. Issued by American General Life Insurance Company, the product comes equipped with competitive features, such as a built-in 100 percent return of premium rider, and optional living benefit riders for longevity and chronic illness. "While many carriers have dropped out of the Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) market, our commitment to our distribution partners and their clients is stronger than ever before," says John Deremo, executive vice president and chief distribution officer, life insurance, AIG Financial Distributors. "With Secure Lifetime GUL 3, we're offering a highly flexible GUL product, designed to allow clients more control in how life insurance responds to their evolving needs. Furthermore, the available return of premium rider offers clients peace of mind that if they feel protection is no longer needed, they will have the opportunity to recover their paid premiums." The Lifestyle Income Solution, designed to address the financial risks of longevity, and the Accelerated Access Solution, designed to address the financial risks of chronic illness, may be purchased with Secure Lifetime GUL 3 as part of an optional Asset Protector Suite, or either rider may be purchased individually with the life insurance policy. When the rider conditions have been met, clients may choose to accelerate a portion of the policy's death benefit while still living.  "This solution offers not only a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed premiums, but also the 2. Participation. Clients can choose from several different indexlinked investment options. 3. Personalization. By electing either Shield Level Selector 3-Year or Shield Level Selector, clients can tailor their investment to align with their individual retirement strategy timeline. "We heard feedback from advisors that their clients are seeking not only the opportunity for market growth with downside protection, but also the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions," says Forget. "With Shield Level Selector 3-Year, advisors now have access to an additional tool to develop customized solutions for their clients." For more information, visit UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE ability to adjust the death benefit, access cash value in a variety of ways, and, through optional death benefit acceleration riders, potentially receive living benefits," Deremo says. "Secure Lifetime GUL 3 is truly a new class of GUL. With its unique combination of features and benefits, it offers clients unrivaled optionality." The launch of Secure Lifetime GUL 3 is supported by field-tested marketing tools, training, and support systems designed to help financial professionals educate clients about the product's value proposition. For more information about Secure Lifetime GUL 3 and its many available options and riders, including the Lifestyle Income Solution® longevity rider and the Accelerated Access Solution® chronic illness rider within the Asset Protector suite, visit March/April 2016 | ADVISOR TODAY 11

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