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COVER | Investment Strategies for Today's Consumers While producers and clients alike wish for clear skies, the reality is that markets are volatile. Here's how top advisors weather the storm. By Jean Feingold In an ideal world, there would be many investment choices, each paying a guaranteed minimum rate of 10 percent annually without risk of principal loss. The real world, however, is far from ideal. How do you advise clients that everyday events and governmental actions create huge market swings daily? 28 ADVISOR TODAY | March/April 2016 Volatility is nothing new "The market is volatile now, has always been volatile and always will be volatile," says Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC, of Affinity Investment Group, LLC. "It is essential to keep funds you need for unforeseen expenses- we call these 'life events'-liquid in the bank. This lets you have a long-term focus on the investment portfolio. Keep emotions out of investing to prevent selling assets during market downturns. "Accomplish this by building an investment policy statement for each client," he continues. "This puts parameters around how the portfolio should be designed, expected level of risk, expected long-term return and the client's goals and objectives. It's a great document to have for reference when the market is not doing well."

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New Products
A Question of Ethics The Details Often Make the Difference
What's Ahead for Financial Advising?
Whos's Saving the Most and Why?
Making the Case for Critical Illness Insurance
Are You a Retirement Expert?
Selling the "Best Plan"
Smooth Sailing
Taking Incremental Steps Toward Success
Investment Strategies for Today’s Consumers
How Tax Efficient is Your Investment and Retirement Portfolio?
Naifa News
Ideas for a Profitable Practice
Crossing the Two Client Relationship Bridges
Working with Muslim-American Clients
Attracting and Serving Today's High-Net-Worth Clients
Becoming a Networking Success
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Advisor Today - March/April 2016