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back page By Brian Ashe, CLU Framing These questions might help make 2016 your best year yet! O ver the years, one of the lessons I learned was that questions are the best way to begin a conversation with a client. But how the content of those questions is designed has a huge impact on one's success in moving a client to action. That design process is called "framing." Since we are early into 2016, I'd like to share some of the best questions on retirement and life insurance planning I've acquired from folks like Van Mueller, Tom Hegna and Byron Udell, along with a couple of my own-questions that may help your 2016 be more successful. So, here we go: * Do you think we'll ever go through periods like 2000-2002 and 20072009 again? Do you think some people made money even when the market went down? Would you like to be one of them? * If there's a good chance those things will happen to a lot of people all over again, what will you do differently so they don't happen to YOU again? * Some people made money when the market went down and some people lost money. Which one do you want to be? * W here will your income come from when your paychecks stop? * If I had a way by which you could continue your income, even if your money was gone, would you like to know more about that? * Would you rather have a chance to be rich or a guarantee you would never be poor? * If you had to invest today, when you don't need any additional income, what would you invest in? Why? When? Well, if it's hard to know what to do now, when you don't need the income, do you think it will be easier later-when you do need the income and you can't make any big mistakes? 48 ADVISOR TODAY | March/April 2016 Properly "framed," questions can simplify the commonsense choices clients should be considering. * Are you tired of having nothing you can count on for income? * Markets go up and down. Interest goes up and down. What's your strategy for leveling out your income? * How do you get a 6 percent safe income in a 1 percent safe income world? * W hat does everyone like about Social Security (A check every month they can count on)? Would you like more checks like that? * Let me make some recommendations. You always have the veto power. Does that sound fair? * Do you think the government wants more or less tax revenue? What are you going to do to reduce or avoid taxes? If I could show you a way to defer taxes now and give the government less later, too, would that be something you would be interested in? * You would take a bullet for your family. Why is it so difficult for me to convince you to allocate $100 a month for life insurance to protect them? * W hat percentage of estate reduction is acceptable to you? * How did you arrive at the amount of life insurance you currently have? Is that amount still valid, based on current income and debts? * Money doesn't buy life insurance. Health buys life insurance. The money just pays for it. Doesn't it make sense to get your life insurance when you're younger and healthier? * Do you want your life insurance to be in effect when you die? Do you think you have an "average" life expectancy? Have you calculated how much term life costs if you just hit that "average"? Questions are generally nonconfrontational. They seek information to help both the advisor and the client clarify needs and options. And properly "framed," those questions can zero in on, and simplify the commonsense choices our clients should be considering, without being cluttered with a lot of technicalities. Give them a try. Can you think of a better way to start a conversation? Brian Ashe, CLU, is president of Brian Ashe and Associates, Ltd., in Lisle, Ill., and the 2012 recipient of the John Newton Russell Memorial Award. A past president of MDRT and a past chair of LIFE, he may be contacted at

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