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NAIFA's MAY/JUNE 2016 C R E AT I VE STRATEGIES AN D BUSIN ESS ADV I C E FO R I N S U R A N C E A N D FI N A N C I A L A D V I S O R S SUCCESS in the DI Market 16 Articulating Your Value 34 Using Social Media to Grow Your Business 43 Investment Strategy Development

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Advisor Today - May/June 2016

From the Editor
New Products
Great Customer Service Leads the Way
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
Articulating Your Value
Establishing a Niche Market
In Step With a Winner
The Many Uses of DI Insurance
Revisiting Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance
Medicare Planning Is Financial Planning
Preparing Clients for Fixed-Annuity Wealth Transfers
5 Ideas for Success in a Tough DI Market
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
NAIFA Government Relations
Common Mistakes in Selling DI— and How to Avoid Them
Turning Clients Into Effective Advocates
Advisors: Here’s What Wealthy Millennials Want From You
Investment Strategy Development
A Winning Combination
Guiding Investors Through the Financial-Planning Process
The Lighter Side of Life
Advertiser Index
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Advisor Today - May/June 2016