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new products LIFE INSURANCE By Christine Cusatis A Fresh Approach to Life Insurance J ohn Hancock Insurance has announced a new approach to life insurance that rewards people for healthy living. Developed through an exclusive life insurance partnership with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness benefits with life insurance products, the innovative insurance solution provides policyholders with financial protection, opportunities to save on their annual premiums and the chance to earn rewards and discounts for taking steps to improve their health. After identifying a need for life insurance and completing the application process, new policyholders take an online Vitality Health Review to determine their Vitality Age, an indicator of overall health that may be higher or lower than their actual age and can improve over time as they work toward living a healthier life. Vitality has concluded that the average American's Vitality Age is five years older than his or her actual age, based on various health and wellness factors. As part of the program, policyholders receive personalized health goals and can easily log their activities using online and automated tools, which are integrated with personal health technology. In fact, John Hancock is giving every new policyholder a free Fitbit as one easy way to track their progress.  Policyholders immediately begin accumulating "Vitality Points" after their policy is issued and when they complete health-related activities like exercising, getting an annual health screening or even a flu shot. The number of Vitality Points a policyholder earns over the course of a year determines their program status level. The healthier their lifestyle, the more points they can accumulate to earn valuable travel, shopping and entertainment-related rewards and discounts from leading retailers. Additionally, depending on the type of product they purchase, a policyholder could save as much as 15 percent off their annual premium. As part of the new offering, John Hancock unveiled two new products: Protection UL with Vitality™, a universal life insurance product, and John Hancock Term with Vitality™, a term life insurance product. They are the first life insurance products in the U.S. linked with Vitality healthy living programs and are built on Vitality's innovative shared-value model. For more information, visit ANNUITIES New Annuity Finds Middle Ground Between Risk and Growth V oya Financial, Inc. has added a flexible premium deferred index-linked variable annuity to its suite of retail retirement solutions. Voya PotentialPLUS offers customers the potential for investment growth tied to the performance of up to four major market indexes, and it also provides a level of protection against a drop in those indexes. The new product is issued by Voya Insurance and Annuity Company, a member of the Voya Financial family of companies. "As Americans face a greater responsibility to plan and save for retirement, many are looking for investment strategies that provide the right balance between risk and return," says Carolyn Johnson, president of annuities and tax-exempt markets for retirement solutions at Voya Financial. "Voya PotentialPLUS is a flexible solution that meets a number of these objectives-helping customers grow and protect their assets so they can become more secure in retirement." The Voya PotentialPLUS annuity allows individuals to allocate their premium payment over a stated period of time across a maximum of four indexed segments. They are also protected against a drop in index performance up to a certain level through a built-in downside buffer. If an index goes up during the stated time period, the value associated with the indexed segment is credited by an amount up to the cap rate. If an index goes down during that period, the indexed segment does not lose any value if the drop is 10 percent or less. If the drop is greater than 10 percent, the value is reduced-but only by the amount in excess of 10 percent. Other important features of the annuity include the potential for investors to accumulate their assets on a tax-deferred basis, the flexibility to allocate their investments or gains across the different equity index segments or to a variable subaccount, and the ability to make free withdraws or transfer money from their account as they choose, subject to certain fees and limitations. Visit for more information. July/August 2015 | ADVISOR TODAY 15

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