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from the editor By Ayo Mseka The American Dream Revisited T he last time I checked in on how the American consumer was doing in his quest for the American Dream was three years ago. At that time, the U.S. economy had still not fully recovered from the 2008 recession, Americans were desperately looking for work, and investors were struggling with a stock market that could best be described as lackluster. The American Dream, it appeared, seemed out of reach for many Americans. Things are looking much better today. Unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up, and what should be good news to you, there has been an uptick in the purchase of a wide range of products and services. These conditions seem to have advanced the consumer's prospects for moving even more closely to his version of the American Dream. A more robust economy has also created a favorable market for many of the products and services you sell. For instance, LIMRA reports that individual life insurance new annualized premium grew 11 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, and policy count for every product line improved in the fourth quarter as well. Indexed universal life insurance premium grew 23 percent in 2014, and for the ninth consecutive quarter, variable universal life premium recorded positive growth, as did whole and term life premium. These numbers may be encouraging, but there is still a lot of work to be done in helping Americans build the solid financial plans that will help keep their dreams on track. According to the 2014 Life Happens/LIMRA Barometer, for example, only 38 percent of U.S. adults have individual life insurance, only 24 percent of U.S. households plan to buy life insurance in the next year, and a whopping 43 percent of U.S. adults have no life insurance at all. And on the savings front, an Edward Jones study reports that almost half of non-retired Americans are not saving for retirement. Getting them on track So how do you get these folks to buy the products and services that will anchor their plans for financial success? You can start by carefully reading this issue of Advisor Today, which is chock-full of tips and techniques you can use as you work with your prospects and clients. You can also begin to put in place a strategy that will help you make the most of Life Insurance Awareness Month. Spearheaded by Life Happens each September, LIAM is a month-long marketing campaign designed to persuade millions of Americans to buy as much financial and health protection as they can afford. Visit and you will find just about everything you need to make the connections that truly count with your prospects and clients. As the economy continues to improve, an increasing number of Americans will join those already reaching for the American Dream. A lot of them will be counting on you to show them how to get to it, as well as how to hold on to it. Use your expertise to guide them as they embark on this important journey, and you will be doing them and your practice a world of good. ADVISOR TODAY Editor-in-Chief Ayo Mseka; 703-770-8204 Publication and Circulation Coordinator Tara Laptew; 703-770-8207 NAIFA Michael Gerber, J.D., Acting CEO 703-770-8190 Diane Boyle, SVP, Government Relations; 703-770-8252 John Boyle, AVP, Professional Development & Education; 703-770-8267 Seth Ewing, AVP, Corporate Outreach; 703-770-8217 Magenta Ishak, VP, Political Affairs; 703-770-8152 Lacey Mitchell, AVP, Membership Marketing and Association Services; 703-770-8221 Sheila Owens, VP, Communications and Marketing; 703-770-8112 Diane Powers, VP, Professional Development and Education; 703-770-8226 Mark Rogers, VP, Information Services; 703-770-8130 Gary Sanders, Counsel and VP, Government Relations; 703-770-8192 Yasemin Washington-Brown, VP, Membership Marketing and Association Services; 703-770-8219 Paul C. 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