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COVER | STORY A Lifetime of Success By Ayo Mseka It takes more than lofty aspirations to gain staying power in this business. The agents profiled in these interviews explain what else you need to achieve a lifetime of success. 22 ADVISOR TODAY | July/August 2016

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From the Editor
A Question of Ethics: Reflections on the Dol Fiduciary Rule
Getting the Wealthy Investor to Hire You
Positioning Whole Life for Success
Rewarding Clients for Engaging in Healthy Activities
Feel the Heat: Sizzling Strategies for Boosting Worksite Sales
The Challenges of Writing Business Insurance
A Lifetime of Success
Safeguarding Your Business Interests
NAIFA Presents Nominees for Election
What’s Behind Brand Magic?
Making an Effective Call Back
A Story for All Your Clients
Ideas to Expand Your Practice
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Advisor Today - July/August 2016