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FEATURE | Safeguarding Your Business Interests By the NAIFA Government Relations Team NAIFA's activity on the DOL proposal illustrates two strengths of the association's advocacy strategy: its formidable grassroots network and its expertise in working with lawmakers to effect positive change. 28 ADVISOR TODAY | July/August 2016 Nearly 1,000 NAIFA members swarmed Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in May of 2015 facing a monumental challenge. DOL's newly proposed fiduciary regulations would fundamentally alter the way insurance agents and financial advisors provide retirement planning products, services and advice. The DOL plan was unworkable for NAIFA members and threatened to deny middle-market investors access to much-needed advice. It would have disrupted and perhaps even ended existing client relationships that advisors had worked hard for years-and sometimes decades-to cultivate. "We knew the DOL rule was bad, and it had the potential to devastate our business and large segments of our client base," says Jules Gaudreau, ChFC, CIC, NAIFA's president, who at that time served as president-elect. "But we also trusted the power of NAIFA's advocacy. We had a great example from just a few years earlier, when the DOL famously withdrew its 2010 fiduciary proposal days after a thousand or so NAIFA members met with our lawmakers to express our concerns with it." NAIFA's activity on the revised DOL proposal at the 2015 Congressional Conference illustrates two prongs of NAIFA's overall advocacy strategy: Creating and maintaining a diverse grassroots network, and developing and maintaining personal and professional relationships with federal lawmakers through NAIFA's Government Relations team.

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