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FEATURE | ELECTION 2016 NAIFA Presents Nominees for Election D of Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee elegates representing state and local associations will elect their new leadership at the NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2016 Conference in Las Vegas. Jules Gaudreau, Jr., ChFC, CIC, will become NAIFA's immediate past president and Paul R. Dougherty, LUTCF, FSS, HIA, will become the president of the association. As directed by the NAIFA bylaws amended at the 2015 NAIFA Conference in New Orleans, the Committee on Governance has announced a single nominee for each available position of Secretary and Trustee. 32 ADVISOR TODAY | July/August 2016 SECRETARY Jill Judd LUTCF, FSS Jill Judd, LUTCF, FSS, is a State Farm agent. She recognized the importance of surrounding herself with successful professionals and joined NAIFA in 2001. She was immediately recruited to the board as the IFAPAC Committee Chair of NAIFA-Santa Cruz (now NAIFA-Monterey Bay.) As local President in 2005-2006, NAIFA-Santa Cruz, under Judd's leadership, earned the Jack E. Bobo Award and the highest score to date in California for the Association Achievement Award. Judd served two terms as Membership Chair of NAIFA-California, while moderating LILI, her first of four California LILI classes (graduated 2006.) She has chaired the NAIFA-California Long Range Planning Task Force, the Annual Career Conference, Personnel, Government Relations and Finance Committees. As president of NAIFA-California, 2012-2013, she spoke on legislation, membership, diversity and leadership development. Most recently, Judd was NAIFA Trustee, 2013-2015, and a member of the NAIFA Strategic Planning Task Force (NAIFA 20/20), the CEO Search Committee, 2015, and is currently on the NAIFA Finance Committee. She is Legislative Partner with State Farm Insurance Companies and a NAIFA Congressional Council Member. She strongly believes in continuing education and is scheduled to complete requirements for the CLU and RICP designations by August 2016. She and her husband Hal, a 44-year State Farm agent, enjoy living on the coast, and traveling anywhere they can savor a good meal, and hear great music.

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A Question of Ethics: Reflections on the Dol Fiduciary Rule
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Feel the Heat: Sizzling Strategies for Boosting Worksite Sales
The Challenges of Writing Business Insurance
A Lifetime of Success
Safeguarding Your Business Interests
NAIFA Presents Nominees for Election
What’s Behind Brand Magic?
Making an Effective Call Back
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