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Do Your Colleague a Favor. SALES & MARKETING Introduce Them to NAIFA MARKETING By David Simkowitz What's Behind Brand Magic? It starts with integrity that is supported by a strong structure of amazing people and processes. National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors D MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION isney World is widely regarded as one of the most successful and enduring brands in the world withAPPLICANT their tagline being "The INFORMATION Personal Information: (Please print or type) REFERRED BY (PLEASE PRINT) Happiest Place on Earth." It's a pretty (must be an active NAIFA member) bold promise; yet, it's consistently MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Active Associate Student Transfer Only Name delivered. In fact, I've heard it said that if youLocal drink a cola at a fast food NAIFA Association (if known) Association Number City, State City restaurant, it will taste different from *Year of Initial License *Date of Birth what you drink at Disney. State It's not magic-it's magical branding. Prefix First Name Middle, Last Name Suffix What makes a brand magical? A recognizable name, logo and style are Designations Title the things that most people notice at first. In fact, a brand's "look" may Primary Company Firm/Agency Name (if applicable) be the hook that initially attracts Please send all mail to my Home Address Business Address 1. ON LINE at prospective clients. However, once the interaction 2. MAIL with payment to: BUSINESS INFORMATION: NAIFA Membership begins, a brand's appeal must be more Magical branding consistently makes clients feel aLockbox, certain P.O. Box 758658, Street Address 1 Business Phone than skin deep. Prospective clients way and unfailingly delivers the promised experience. Baltimore, MD 21275 already know how you look. Now, Address 2 3. also EMAIL Application to goals that they wantStreet to know how your company Creating "Disney-style" magic should have only three makes them feel. Is your quality So how do you crate Disney-style support the company's three goals. City, State, Zip Cell Number consistent? Do you create an emotional magic for your practice? Below are a * Create processes, standards and 4. FAX Application with Credit Card Info to 877/508-9842. If one connection? DoEmail your actions reflect few of my strategies: measures for everything. Business Address Primary? Yes No your stated philosophies and beliefs? * Hire and train vigilantly. I often team member is out, another should To achieve these goals, a brand say that I'm just a skeleton without able to easily step into his or her HOME INFORMATION: OTHER: must have integrity. It must be who it the strengths of my capable team. shoes. Use a centralized system for *Please register me for the Young Advisors Team 1 no one is looking. Home Phone says it is, Street evenAddress when A brand should not be built on the workflow and documentation so it's (YAT) - for members 40 years and younger or in their first five years in the business. Birth year or It must do the right thing for its abilities of one person. Be disciplined easy to see what has transpired at license year needed. Street Address 2 Cell Number clients, even if no one will notice the about hiring the best person you any given time. Build quality control Please DO NOT share my contact information with difference.City,ItState, must deliver the brand canHome afford for everyPrimary? open position. into every step of your process. NAIFA member benefit affinity providers Zip Email Address Yes No promise via a relevant and consistent Cultivate your team with the same * Embrace transparency. Over the past experience, even when scenarios and care that is used to build and develop decade, it's become commonplace for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL ADVISORS people are different. teams of professional athletes. surgeons to film their procedures so FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 22042-1205 * MAIN: * FAX: 877/508-9842 * WWW.NAIFA.ORG How can you build brand integrity? Continually train for877/TO-NAIFA improvement. that family members or patients can Start by thinking of your brand an * EXPENSES Know and communicate your brand watch. Daycare facilities allow parents NON-DEDUCTIBILITY OFasLOBBYING DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Whilevisible association dues may be deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary duesin arevia not nanny-cams, deductible as charitable iceberg. The part ofpayments an iceberg promise every day. What will your business expense, to check and contributions for federal income tax purposes. To determine the total non-deductible portion of your dues, add the NAIFA National lobbying expense ($63.00) (a brand's identity and advertising) company be known for? How will you in some cities, police officers wear to your state association's lobbying expense (see table below). is weak unless it is built on a strong differentiate? What should customers body cams to increase transparency. LOBBYING LOBBYING LOBBYING LOBBYING base. The structure beneath the AMSR* feel during every interaction? Discuss EXPENSES What would happen if we EXPENSES shared AMSR* AMSR* AMSR* EXPENSES EXPENSES surface-how you hire, train, motivate, theirMontana answers videos $0.00 of ourPuerto financial Alabama $0.00 $0.00 Illinoisthese questions $12.69 and $2.00 $46.00 Rico workdays $0.00 $0.00 Alaska $1.84 $0.00 Indiana $18.40 $0.00 Nebraska $26.60 $0.00 Rhode Island $0.00 $0.00 communicate and measure-is the with your team. Actively keep your with clients? I think many would Arizona $1.16 $0.00 Iowa $13.30 $0.50 Nevada $18.50 $0.00 South Carolina $11.70 $0.00 source of brand brand promise of be shocked amazed how $0.00 Arkansas integrity. $1.06 $0.00 Kansas $25.00 in the $0.00forefront New Hampshire $103.80 $0.00 and South Dakota to see $40.66 California $31.25 $0.00 Kentucky $1.60 month $0.00 and New Jersey $22.70 $0.00 and Tennessee $18.70go $1.00 To deliver on a brand promise every day, week, year. many steps how much care Colorado $59.80 $0.00 Louisiana $20.00 $0.00 New Mexico $65.10 $0.00 Texas $28.00 $0.00 requires the right processes and $0.00 Maine * Narrow your focus. Instead of State into the$0.00 formulation of their$11.10 financial Connecticut $57.46 $96.00 $0.00 New York $31.35 Utah $0.00 Delaware $77.70 focus $0.00 $28.00 $0.00 North Carolina $23.75 $0.00 people. Countless businesses on Maryland having 10 company goals, have three plans! $0.00 WhileVermont videos may not$21.60 be ideal District of Columbia $0.00 $0.00 Massachusetts $44.85 $0.00 North Dakota $15.66 $2.00 Virginia $6.32 $1.00 their products. stand out, and make $17.50 sure they support for our$0.00 work,Washington we should find other $0.00 Florida Those who $33.99 $0.00 Michigan $0.00 Ohio one $23.40 $47.00 $0.00 Minnesota $6.00 $28.90 $0.00 Virginia $22.00with $0.00 go beyondGeorgia products. They$10.20 focus on thing and $23.40 one thing only:Oklahoma Consistent creative waysWest to provide clients Guam $49.60 $0.00 Mississippi $21.40 $0.00 Oregon $53.68 $0.00 Wisconsin $32.55 $0.00 the peopleHawaii and processes$28.80 needed $0.00 to delivery of $7.00 the desired an "inside look" at what's going on. Missouri $0.00 brand Pennsylvania $24.60 $0.00 Wyoming $0.00 $0.00 Idaho $0.00 deliver a consistent brand$13.94 experience. experience. 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