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SALES & MARKETING PROSPECTING By Connie Kadansky, PCC Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance Master the steps outlined in this article and your prospecting fears will be a thing of the past. ecently, a seasoned wealth advisor admitted that he is experiencing Sales Call Reluctance. He was wildly successful and unstoppable from the mid-1990s until 2007. However, the economic reset has really thrown him for a loop. He’s developed a viable plan for a new market but is “afraid to pick up the phone.” Let’s admit it. All of us have experienced the economic reset. Now it’s time to hit the emotional reset button. In this new economy, prospecting has changed. It used to be that advisors could call a prospect, ask for an appointment, and write the date in his calendar. Now, the advisor needs to provide value in order to engage the prospect in a conversation, and if the prospect perceives enough value, he decides whether to meet with the advisor. Then, the advisor’s initial proposal must be proportional to the amount of trust he has established with his prospect. Calling a high-net-worth physician to ask if you can offer him a second opinion is doomed from the start because you have not yet earned his trust. There are some exceptions to this, though. For example, you mention a strong, credible referral source; you have notable credibility and name recognition in your market; you connect with the prospect at the precise time he needs you and your value proposition resonates with him immediately. (There may be others—please email me if you can think of more exceptions.) R Overcoming sales call reluctance Here are the seven steps I recommended to the advisor to help him “reset” and begin making more prospecting calls: The way to overcome Sales Call Reluctance is to interrupt the thoughts that create anxiety and fear. 1. Realize that your business is not going to change until you change the way you value yourself. You can spend thousands of dollars on books and programs that may help you help yourself. The bottom line, however, is that if you do not emotionally connect to your value (sense of worth), you will find yourself grasping for the next great marketing idea rather than picking up the phone. Your struggle with prospecting is, at its core, a value problem. 2. “OK,” you say. “I have a value problem. So what should I do about it?” Start by knowing that you already possess seeds of success that simply need to be recognized, acknowledged, and nurtured. Begin with this exercise: “When I am at my best, I exhibit the following traits.” Then write down these traits, behaviors, and characteristics. What strengths show up for you when you are at your best? Many people struggle with this and fi nd intense introspection about their own strengths a challenge. If you struggle with acknowledging your strengths, I recommend you meet with your mentor/manager/coach/ trainer immediately for help in rediscovering and reconnecting to your value. 3. Understand that your thoughts predict your outcomes. Dr. Joe Dispenza writes in his book, Your Immortal Brain, that every time we think a thought, our body makes a chemical. If we choose good , elevated or happy thoughts, our body creates a chemical that makes us feel good. If we choose negative, insecure thoughts, our body releases a chemical that makes us feel terrible. Our thoughts create feelings that reflect exactly what we are thinking. No wonder so many people feel so cranky. They are feasting their mind, ears, and eyes on trash that is none of their business, and which is ultimately sandbagging their success. You have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” More importantly, you are what you pay attention to, and you create in your life what you most often think about. This includes the news. Many of us have bought into the September/October 2013 | ADVISOR TODAY 55

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