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new products DISABILITY INSURANCE By Christine Cusatis New DI Product Offers Options for Clients with Existing Health Conditions A dding to its extensive disability and income protection insurance catalogue, Petersen International Underwriters has launched the Graded Benefit Disability Insurance Plan, an exclusive program designed to better serve the substandard-risk disability insurance marketplace for clients with less-than-perfect health histories. Prospects traditionally declined or limited by disability insurance carriers can now be covered without harsh medical exclusions at graded benefit levels predetermined by the client at the time of application. This new disability product allows for underwriting flexibility- to the extreme benefit of the consumer-that is seldom achieved in the market. "This product is the most comprehensive graded benefit program out there and offers the strongest benefits of such plans available in the specialty disability market today," says James Petersen, director of marketing at Petersen International Underwriters. Unique features of the plan include high levels of benefit, an optional residual disability insurance rider and coverage of a variety of medical conditions. The Graded Benefit Disability Insurance Plan protects personal income at 65 percent, up to $20,000 per month. Graded conditions are covered at a level benefit of either 80 percent, 65 percent or 50 percent of the monthly benefit amount-a choice that enables any hard-to-place client an affordable premium. For more information, contact Petersen International Underwriters at (800) 345-8816 or at UNIVERSAL LIFE New Indexed UL Insurance Offers Flexibility Based on Client Needs L incoln Financial Group has introduced the newest addition to its suite of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance products- Lincoln WealthAdvantage Indexed Universal Life. The new offering provides advisors with flexibility in how they help clients achieve specific goals related to wealth protection and legacy planning, tax-efficient income and business needs. "Lincoln WealthAdvantage offers a cost-efficient death benefit with cash value flexibility for clients seeking protection, tax-advantaged growth potential with opportunities for taxefficient income for those focused on accumulation and distribution, while also addressing a growing need in the business insurance marketplace," says Michael Parker, vice president of life product management at Lincoln Financial Group. Lincoln WealthAdvantage provides three death-benefit options, including a previously unavailable option on Lincoln IUL policies, which provides a death benefit equal to the policy face amount, plus premiums paid. In addition to an income tax-free death benefit, the Lincoln WealthAdvantage offers strong cashaccumulation potential through three one-year, point-to-point, index-account options tied to performance of the S&P 500 Index to cover a wide range of returns. The new product balances upside potential with the predictability of built-in guaranteed features, providing a guaranteed interest bonus beginning in year 16 regardless of S&P performance, and a guaranteed one percent minimum interest rate on all accounts to protect against negative returns. Cash value can be accessed tax-efficiently for financial objectives, such as income, college planning or retirement. For business purposes, Lincoln WealthAdvantage, with the optional Surrender Value Enhancement Endorsement feature, allows business owners to reposition current assets of the company to purchase life insurance, while maintaining the majority of the premiums paid as a "surrenderable" liquid asset. The feature waives surrender charges to provide a balancesheet-sensitive product for executive bonus plans, key person insurance, and business-continuation planning, with the flexibility to adjust premiums and access enhanced cash value if short-term situations require it. For more information, visit September/October 2015 | ADVISOR TODAY 15

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Advisor Today - September/October 2015