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PRACTICE SPECIALTIES MANAGING YOUR PRACTICE By John C. Navien, CLU, ChFC, CASL Success Tips from a Golden Gloves Boxer This advisor is using the same strategies responsible for his success as a boxer to take his financial practice to a higher level of success. To be successful, an advisor has to be actively seeing people and fighting to see people. J ohn Navien, CLU, ChFC, CASL, of MetLife Premier Client Group, is no stranger to competition. A four-time Golden Gloves boxer, he attacks his work with the same energy and determination he brought to his time in the ring. "I am committed to always doing my best for my team, my company, and most importantly, my clients, notes Navien. Take a look at these seven tips that have helped Navien perform at the highest level: * Make a great first impression. Nothing replaces the first impression a client has about you. That is why he will, on occasion, leverage the knowledge and expertise of others if he needs their help. "It is important to demonstrate to the prospect that he will do all he can to ensure that his financial needs are met, and that we are here to support him," he says. * Remember that it takes a team to succeed. Build a solid team of professionals around you, Navien says. Each advisor on his team provides 18 ADVISOR TODAY | September/October 2015 unique expertise, and each is a critical part of the team's success. By bringing in top talent to complement his strengths, he can focus on attracting and retaining clients. A team strategy also helps him align with different demographic groups since each team member provides different viewpoints and backgrounds to the team, and in turn, to their clients. * Get support. Succeeding isn't just about building a great team of advisors. Navien has worked with his practice manager, Amanda Ruggiero, since 2012 and they made their move to MetLife Premier Client Group in October. "To be successful," Navien says, "an advisor has to be actively seeing people and fighting to see people. You can't do that at a high level without a talented person running the show behind the scenes. Even for an advisor who is new to the industry, investing in strong support staff can help take a practice to the next level." * Continue learning. Although he is only 32 years old, Navien has already earned three designations. He takes this learning mentality outside the classroom, where he likes to identify with those who are getting the best results and are leaders in their profession, and then finds out the secrets for their success. He is also always looking for ways to be the most effective and efficient with his time so he can provide the highest level of service to his clients. * Remember that activity matters. "There are no shortcuts here: There is no substitute for activity," Navien says. He has set the bar high for himself and his team, and the only way he is going to get there is by continuing to prospect for new clients. He plans to have 25 or more appointments a week, which sounds simple but is not. * Share your vision with your team. Navien believes that by bringing team members along in the journey, they will become high-level contributors to the practice. And by sharing his vision of where he wants to be and how quickly he wants to get there, he motivates the team to reach for higher goals and achieve more success. Celebrating successes along the way is also important to him and his team. * Understand your value. Believe in the work you do, Navien says, which creates a high level of trust with your clients. Differentiate yourself from other advisors by becoming an advisor who stands for integrity, with a commitment to providing the highest level of services for your clients. John C. Navien, CLU, ChFC, CASL, of MetLife Premier Client Group, is an established financial professional with more than 11 years of financial advisory experience. As a client-centric advisor, Navien strives to exceed client needs with exceptional focus, in-depth advice and a commitment to holistic solutions that give his clients and their families a lasting voice.

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Why You Need a Mentor
The Key Attributes of Top Performers
Success Tips from a Golden Gloves Boxer
How I Use Social Media to Build my Practice
Getting Started on LinkedIn
Discussing Your Client’s LTC Needs in Retirement
How to Boost Your LTCI Production
¿Habla Español?
Providing a Retirement Safety Net
Ongoing Challenges, New Solutions
Four Under Forty
NAIFA’s 125th Anniversary
Demystifying CPA Alliances
Building Your Natural Audience
Holding Workshops?
Ideas to Help You Sell More
Special-Needs Planning
Planning for Divorced or Widowed Women

Advisor Today - September/October 2015