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NaiFa goverNmeNt relatioNs By Diane Boyle The Four Ps of Successful Advocacy An effective advocacy program has a sound policy, a well-funded PAC, effective public relations, and education of lawmakers by members. A s a NAIFA member, you count on NAIFA every day to protect and advance your interests. The driving force behind everything we do is to make sure that lawmakers and regulators hear loudly and clearly the issues that are important to you and the clients you serve. But as you well know, successful industry advocacy is multi-faceted. It takes lobbying on an ongoing basis, and impressing upon lawmakers the important role the products you sell play in the lives of millions of American families. These aspects of a successful advocacy program pale in comparison to what you do; in fact, the grassroots advocacy you provide is the insurance industry's greatest strength. For an advocacy program to be successful, four Ps are needed: * Policy. NAIFA's contribution to the industry effort is our representation of a critical segment of the population that all policymakers want to help-consumer who comprise the middle market. * PAC. The reality is that it costs a lot of money for anyone to run for Congress. In fact, the average amount of money that is raised by winners is over $1.5 million. PAC contributions assist people with industry knowledge fund their campaigns, as well as help build credibility. You would be proud to learn that the NAIFA PAC is the industry's largest! However, we're not competing with our industry. * Public Relations. NAIFA serves as a resource to The Wall Street Journal and other publications, and bolsters consumer understanding and support of the financialservices industry. Mathematics is the practical implication of a democracy. Policymakers intuitively them make informed decisions, and this is what you do. The grassroots advocacy you provide is the insurance industry's greatest strength. lean towards policy positions that have broad support; so helping consumers to understand our positions on key issues is part of the process. * People. Company CEOs, association leaders, professional lobbyists, but most importantly you, are instrumental in articulating and delivering the real-world impact that policy will have on consumers. With a NAIFA member contact for every member of Congress, only NAIFA can deliver constituent-provided education about our products to each of the 535 U.S. senators and representatives. Members of Congress make decisions on a variety of issues-from arctic drilling to trade agreements. They rely upon issue experts to help NAIFA members in action In addition to in-district meetings and a variety of industry gatherings in Washington, D.C., NAIFA members convene annually during the association's Congressional Conference to deliver constituent-provided education about the financial-services industry to Congress. The Congressional Conference is an opportunity for NAIFA members to build new relationships and strengthen existing connections in order to establish a basic level of education among all members of Congress and their staff about the value of life insurance, annuities, retirement savings and employee benefits. As the largest insurance and financial-services Day on the Hill, the Congressional Conference produces a positive member experience, enhances NAIFA-member retention and advances the industry's public-policy agenda. This year's Congressional Conference, held in May, brought together constituents from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., representing over 70 companies. Nearly a third of the participants were independent agents or unaffiliated. On May 20, these constituents met with 91 percent of Congress, including: * 100 percent of the Senate leadership. * 100 percent of the House leadership. * 100 percent Senate Finance Committee members. * 100 percent of Senate Banking Committee members. * 92 percent of House Ways & Means Committee members. * 95 percent of House Financial Services Committee members. cont'd on page 52 September/October 2015 | ADVISOR TODAY 49

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Advisor Today - September/October 2015