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back page By Marvin Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC How Do We Become Better Marketers? We start by helping people understand that they have a problem and using their preferred method to reach them. M ost of us get into this business because we want to help people, and because we want control over our time and earning potential. What we don't come into this business to do, or really wanting to do, is to market. What I've seen over the years is that so many of us continue to do it wrong. I'll give you several examples. When we meet with a client or prospect, we often bring our enthusiasm to the table, but in the wrong way. We're excited about a new product we have for them and promptly start a conversation full of product jargon and numbers. The client or prospect is left dazed, not really understanding what has just happened and how we can actually help them. And ultimately they don't end up acting on our advice. Does this sound familiar? We also continue to communicate with people in a way we feel comfortable, often in person or by phone. But that reality is rapidly changing. For those under 45, more than half would prefer contact via email, with 19 percent open to a video conference and 14 percent to getting their communications via text, according to the 2014 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA. Are you still insisting on meeting in person? In addition, many of us ignore social media. While it's true that social media isn't for everyone, if you're serious about growing your business and gaining more customers over the coming years, then you need to be where they're spending their time: online and on social media. More than one in five people, across all generations, spend 20 hours or more a week consuming content online. And Millennials, 64 ADVISOR TODAY | September/October 2015 a short comment about why you're doing so? In the end, this type of outreach makes people more receptive to you because you're reaching out in a manner they prefer in order to help them solve a problem they now know they have. The bottom line is that first we need to help people understand that they have a problem. Gen Xers and Boomers overwhelmingly use Facebook as their preferred social-media outlet to share content, according to BuzzStream. Are you there, too? The bottom line is that first we need to help people understand that they have a problem. Telling them about a product isn't going to work, because they aren't looking for a solution-they don't even know they have a problem. Showing them examples of people like themselves who have benefited from our products in a storytelling fashion does work. Using Real Life Stories from Life Happens can open up a conversation about what life insurance does for families and businesses, not just what it is. And remember that this outreach doesn't have to be face to face. Does your busy GenX client prefer to use email? Why not send a link to a Real Life Story video he can watch in less than two minutes? Maybe you're courting Millennials. Why not share that video via your Facebook page with The star power of Anthony Anderson September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), which is a great time-and frankly a great excuse-to reach out to clients and prospects about their life insurance needs. Life Happens coordinates this national campaign and has put together a wide range of resources to match up with the marketing needs I just wrote about: short videos, flyers, social-media posts and more. This year, we're lucky enough to have the well-known TV star Anthony Anderson as the LIAM spokesperson. He grew up in a household in which life insurance was given great importance and is a strong advocate of people giving up a latte or two each month so they can get coverage to protect their loved ones. His story is available for you to share in a wide range of formats. I encourage you to check it out via our new delivery system Life Happens Pro at Then send me a note and tell me if these changes have helped you in your business. Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC, is principal of the Feldman Financial Group in Clearwater, Fla. He is president and CEO of Life Happens and a member of NAIFAPinellas. You may contact him at 727-723-9020.

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Advisor Today - September/October 2015