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from the editor By Ayo Mseka A Great Profession with a Vital Mission M ost of you are currently participating in Life Insurance Awareness Month, the public-relations campaign spearheaded by Life Happens to persuade millions of Americans to buy the financial protection they need for themselves and their loved ones. And shortly after LIAM, you will most likely head for New Orleans to the NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting, in search of the resources and strategies you need to move your practice to higher levels of success. As you take part in these two important events, you might want to keep in mind the message Governor Dirk Kempthorne delivered to NAIFA members during the association's Congressional Conference in May. The ACLI President and CEO's message was direct and to the point: "You belong to a great profession with a vital mission." His riveting presentation underscored the importance of what agents and advisors do for their clients each day and served as encouragement for the attendees to keep on keeping on, no matter the obstacles they might encounter. I have excerpted the following words from Governor Kempthorne's speech in the hopes they will perform a similar task for you: Serve as a source of inspiration to you as you strive towards excellence in everything you do. * You're in the business of clarifying the obvious, and helping men and women to keep command over their own fate. * We're an old and solid industry, and we help people to keep their own plans and finances on solid ground. * We in this industry do not deal in the world of the wishful or the speculative. We deal in the world of guarantees ... of assets kept in reserve ... of promises kept to the letter, no matter how distant the day. * For longer than any federal entitlement program has ever existed, the life insurance and annuity business has thrived by keeping the numbers straight and making good on contracts. * Foresight ... responsibility ... concern for the next generation ... These are the personal strengths we appeal to in this business. * If the aim is to help people escape poverty, or to avoid it altogether, this industry has been on the case from the earliest days of the Republic. * Certain traits of character underlie this whole industry, and always will. Whether it's prudence, discipline, responsibility, or self-reliance, they also happen to be the virtues of a free people. * When people do their most serious thinking, you're the ones they turn to. When people confide their deepest concerns and wishes alike, you're the ones who do the listening. When hope and fear come together in a person's mind, inspiring that all-important decision to provide for those they love, you're the ones they trust to get it done. * This is a great and noble cause. You, my friends, are not the problem. You are the solution. 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Advisor Today - September/October 2015