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from the editor By Ayo Mseka The Enduring Relevance of What You Do W hen a group of life underwriters convened in Boston many years ago to create the National Association of Life Underwriters, little did they realize the significance of what they were doing. Their main purpose at the time was to create an organization that would foster a business climate conducive to their products and services and protect the interests of their clients. NALU is now NAIFA and has undergone many changes over the years, re-inventing itself to meet the needs of its members and the business environment. Today, it is 125 years old and holds the distinction of being the oldest and largest financial-services association in the nation. NAIFA's endurance is not a coincidence. It is due mainly to the critical role you perform in American society. Thanks to you and what you do: * Families are kept intact, no matter the obstacles that come their way. * The dreams of families are kept alive, even after the breadwinner is gone. * And families can maintain their dignity in old age because you have helped them create an income they cannot outlive. As you help your clients secure their financial future, NAIFA is with you every step of the way, providing you with countless opportunities for networking and giving you access to some of the best minds in the industry. This October, for instance, the association hosted its Career Conference and Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Turn to Page 36 of this issue for highlights of this important meeting. In addition, NAIFA offers a full suite of resources designed to enhance your professional development, such as its highly popular webinar series and its virtual library featuring state-of-the art business tools and techniques, client presentations and specimen documents. Keeping you relevant NAIFA has also sponsored a landmark study, Advisor2020, which is designed to keep you relevant for many years to come. This cutting-edge research study pinpoints the trends that are shaping your business, and more importantly, identifies what you need to do now to take advantage of those trends. Acting quickly on the study's recommendations will give you the expertise you need to stay relevant to your clients as their needs and circumstances change. Get your copy of Advisor2020 at today and start charting your way to a lifetime of success. As you review your accomplishments for 2015 and begin to create a business plan for next year, I encourage you to give Advisor2020 a thorough read. What you gain from this impactful study will enable you to set your sights on the future you want, plan with purpose for that future, and build a practice that is in step with your clients' changing needs. I wish you great success as you map out your business future and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that lie ahead. 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Jules Gaudreau: A NAIFA Success Story
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Financial Planning FAQs of Small-Business Owners
Three Retirement Conversations to Have with Clients Today
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