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PaveXpress: A simplified pavement design tool The PaveXpress pavement design tool works as well on the jobsite as it does back in the office. PaveXpress helps prevent overdesigned pavements that can reduce funds available for other projects and underdesigned pavements that lead to premature failures and costly maintenance By George White, Trenton Clark, P.E., and Adam Hand, Ph.D., P.E. T here are more than 4 million miles of roadway in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Although state and federal agencies are responsible for a portion of those miles, there are 39,000+ local government agencies that must manage, maintain, and improve more than 3.25 million miles of road or 80 percent of all roads in the United States. This amounts to a great diversity of local practices, procedures, 24 * View past issues online at and policies when it comes to determining the right pavement design for a given road. Why is this important? Selecting the right pavement design can have long lasting impacts on a road owner's ability to manage and maintain a road with limited resources. Overdesigned pavements reduce the funds available for other projects; underdesigned pavements lead to pre-mature failures and costly maintenance expenses. Examples of over and underdesigned pavements exist across the country.

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Chairman’s Commentary
Industry News
PaveXpress: A Simplified Pavement Design Tool
Sustainability Section NAPA’s Asphalt Sustainability Conference
The Federal Highway Administration Sustainable Pavements Program
Environmental Product Declarations in the Sustainable Marketplace
Examining the Use of Reflective Pavements to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect
Pavement Vehicle Interaction and Smooth Asphalt Pavement
The NAPA Diamond Achievement Sustainable
Beyond Compliance: Achieving EH&S Excellence
A World of Asphalt Preview Section the World of Asphalt Education Program: Laying the Base for Innovation
Tools for the Trade
Industry Events
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - January/February 2015