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Tools for the Trade Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum® Construction Software, has released its new mobile app, Payroll Time Entry. Developed for Android and Apple tablets and smart phones, the Payroll Time Entry app lets supervisors and project managers enter labor and equipment hours directly from the job site. Users simply select the appropriate job then enter time for all employees and equipment assigned to that job. The app lets users assign and reassign people and equipment as needed, and provides tracking for supervisors to employ when monitoring the labor and equipment costs associated with their jobs. Payroll Time Entry can be used online or offline. For more information, visit AS Parts has changed its name to become Roadtec Competitive Parts. The asphalt equipment parts company, supplying parts for Caterpillar, Volvo, Blaw-Knox, CedarRapids, and other equipment, has been owned by Roadtec for more than a decade. The name change to Roadtec Competitive Parts is a natural progression for the company so it better reflects the brand. Everything customers have come to expect from AS Parts, such as an extensive parts catalog and 24-hour factory support, will remain. Roadtec Competitive Parts carries on the standards set as AS Parts, including surpassing OEM quality, part number conversions for other brands, parts manufacturing, 24-hour support and fast shipping. The Roadtec Parts team remains committed to ensuring all customers have what they need and that those parts perform. The company's focus always has been and will remain on the customer. With this name change to highlight the Roadtec brand, it will be easier than ever for our customers to find the parts they need. For more information, visit AP COME VISIT US AT BOOTH #1606 AT THE WORLD OF ASPHALT Hydrogreen ® S (Formerly marketed as BituTech RAP® & PER) UNIQUE GREEN CHEMISTRY DESIGNED FOR HIGH RAP/RAS MIXES, PROVIDING FULL WARM MIX BENEFITS AND IMPROVED MIX PERFORMANCE, IN A SINGLE DOSE. * * * * * * * * * Proven & economical chemistry to rejuvenate aged RAP/RAS binder PG with a low dose rate. Complements the malthenes phase of the aged binder, improving low temperature and Overlay/APA flexibility. As a warm-mix additive & compaction aid, it enhances workability and provides rejuvenation of the aged binder. When used in water-foamers, it doubles the half-life of the foamed binder, extending the time for paving and providing binder rejuvenation for improved pavement life and performance. More uniform and longer lasting foam improves distribution of beneficial chemistry into the mix. In PMA plants, it promotes polymer dispersion, reduces polymer loading & controls viscosity. Unique solvating chemistry makes it an effective tank/coil cleaner, with all components recovered. For asphalt blending, a safe, effective and efficient agent; providing unique benefits for the end user. Used for correcting binder low m-Value and reducing low temperature PG grade. OTHER UNIQUE CHEMISTRIES: BITUTECH WA1 (IMPROVED WORKABILITY & COMPACTION AID); BITUTECH DS1&2 (DUST SUPPRESSANTS), REACTILINK/REACTIBOND (NON-CORROSIVE CROSS-LINKERS); RELEASE AGENTS, COLD MIX ADDITIVES, FOG SEALS AND OTHER UNIQUE CHEMISTRIES FOR SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS, INCLUDING ROOFING. Phone: 973-216-3560 714159_Engineered.indd 1 Fax: 973-770-7519 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - January/February 2015 * 79 27/10/14 12:38 PM

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Chairman’s Commentary
Industry News
PaveXpress: A Simplified Pavement Design Tool
Sustainability Section NAPA’s Asphalt Sustainability Conference
The Federal Highway Administration Sustainable Pavements Program
Environmental Product Declarations in the Sustainable Marketplace
Examining the Use of Reflective Pavements to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect
Pavement Vehicle Interaction and Smooth Asphalt Pavement
The NAPA Diamond Achievement Sustainable
Beyond Compliance: Achieving EH&S Excellence
A World of Asphalt Preview Section the World of Asphalt Education Program: Laying the Base for Innovation
Tools for the Trade
Industry Events
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - January/February 2015