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An Update of the NAPA EPD Program Sustainability metrics you need to remain competitive By Heather Dylla, Ph.D. T he asphalt pavement industry is experiencing increasing pressure to implement more sustainable practices. Not only are road owners and agencies making sustainability part of their mission statements and looking to contractors to help them fulfill the mission, government policies are being written that put added pressure on these agencies to ensure they are actively promoting sustainability. For the asphalt pavement industry, the pressure trickles down to contractors who will find themselves in a less competitive position if they have not complied to provide more sustainable, measurable products and services. Need proof? * The Energy Independence and Security Act requires the U.S. General Services Administration to evaluate and recommend green building certification systems to assess progress made towards agencies' missions and goals. As a result, federal agencies must use one of two green rating systems for construction projects, U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (2009) or the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes (2010). * In Executive Order (EO) 13639 "Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade," the Environmental Protection Agency must recommend specifications, standards, and ecolabels to be used for federal An example of a plant-specific curve that can be used to optimize your pavement mix design with environmental performance. Mukherjee, Amlan, Dylla, Heather, Willis, Richard. 2016. "Lessons Learned in Developing an Environmental Product Declaration Program for the Asphalt Industry in North America," Prague, Eurobitume Congress 2016. 24 * View past issues online at purchasers to identify and procure environmentally preferable products and services. * FHWA's Sustainable Pavements Program is the direct result of another EO, 13514 "Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance." The U.S. Department of Transportation's Policy Statement on Sustainable Operations and Management states that the DOT will incorporate sustainability principles in its rules, operations, investments, and research to fulfill the directives set forth in EO 13514 and other regulations or federal laws. Environmental Product Declarations In anticipation of future sustainabilityrelated regulations that could have a direct impact on a contractor's ability to win contracts, the construction and materials industries have recognized the need to provide metrics that meet agencies' needs. To create a metric that is universally accepted, industry sectors have been analyzing the cradle-to-grave or cradle-to-gate potential environmental impacts of construction materials. This method of sustainability measurement is known as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). EPDs are a thirdparty reviewed report that provides valuable, verifiable, and comparable information about the environmental performance of products. Boosting the EPD movement even more, green construction rating systems, such as LEED, Greenroads, Green Globes, continued on page 26

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