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Industry News TCC Study Finds Transportation Infrastructure Investment Benefits All Sectors of Economy Two-thirds of the economic benefits and jobs created by federal highway and transit investment occur in non-construction sectors, according to a new analysis from IHS Inc. The study, commissioned by the Transportation Construction Coalition, also finds that every dollar invested through the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) in state highway, bridge, and public transit infrastructure programs returns 74 cents in tax revenue. The report, "Transportation Infrastructure Investment: Macroeconomic and Industry Contribution of Federal Highway and Mass Transit Program," reveals that 70 percent of the economic benefits, or value-added, of federal Highway Trust Fund investments in transportation improvements occur in non-construction sectors of the economy. Among the sectors that benefit the most are service industries such as business, education, health and leisure, and hospitality. The study also finds that 62 percent of the jobs created from federal highway and mass transit investments are outside the construction industry. More than one-third of all jobs created are also in service industries such as business, education, health and leisure, and hospitality. Current federal highway and public transit investment, which is about $40 billion annually, generates an average $31 billion in personal income tax receipts per year and $6 billion in federal corporate tax receipts per year due to increased economic activity, according to the analysis. This amounts to 74 cents returned on every dollar invested. Silent Auction to be Held to Benefit NAPA Care The NAPA Research and Education Foundation has announced that a silent auction will be held to benefit the NAPA Care Emergency Benevolent Fund during the course of the 2016 Annual Meeting, Feb. 7-10 at La Quinta Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, Calif. The fund, established in 2011, provides immediate financial assistance to NAPA member employee families who have suffered a fatality in an asphalt work zone or plant site. Since its inception, the fund has helped 14 Perfect Timing for Washington Fly-In As part of the Transportation Construction Coalition, NAPA will be participating in the TCC Fly-In, April 14-15. Make plans now to come to Washington just six weeks prior to the expiration of the MAP-21 extension! For more information about the two-day event, visit IHS notes that current levels of federal investment on highway and public transit spending contribute nearly one percent to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the measure of goods and services produced by the economy. Among the other economic benefits: * very $1 in federal highway and mass transit investment E increases the nation's GDP between $1.80-$2.00 * urrent federal transportation spending contributes on C average $410 to real income per household each year. IHS also studied the resulting impacts from five percent annual increases in federal highway and transit investment from 2014-2019, and found the added investment would create: * etween 78,000 and 122,000 new jobs by 2019 B (includes direct, indirect, and induced jobs); * n annual average increase of $40 in real household A income each year; * n additional $9.6 billion in real GDP for the U.S. A economy by 2019; and * n average an additional $4.9 billion per year in O federal, state and local government revenue. For a copy of the IHS Report, go to families, providing them with financial support for their immediate needs and sending the message that the industry cares. The Associate Member Council, which is hosting the auction, is securing the donations for the auction. A maximum of 50 items, with a suggested value of $1,000 or more, will be included in the auction. Some suggested items are jewelry, vacation packages, and tickets for unique events. Donations may be made online or with a paper donation form. To donate, or for more information about the silent auction, visit silentauction. more Industry News on page 14 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - March/April 2015 * 13

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Industry News TCC Study Finds Transportation Infrastructure Investment Benefits All Sectors of Economy, Silent Auction to Benefit NAPA Care, NAPA Launches Diamond Terminal Commendation, 2015 AASHTO & APTA Bottom Line Report, 2015 Quality in Construction Awards Program Opens for Nominations April 1
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