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Meet the Chairman New NAPA Chairman Kevin Kelly focuses on funding, market share, and performance By Martha K. Silver "I During the industry scan tour of Japan, Kelly and [a tour host] visit the Maeda Road Construction asphalt plant in Kawasaki to view its RAP storage facility. 'm the first NAPA chairman in nine years to be able to say we have a fiveyear highway bill, but we can't lose sight of the fact that funding work remains a priority." As the NAPA Chairman for 2016, Kevin Kelly, President & CEO of Walsh & Kelly Inc. in Indiana, plans to keep the asphalt pavement industry's focus on three core issues: funding, market share, and asphalt pavement performance. With a solid focus on business - he earned his MBA from Notre Dame - Kelly recognizes how these three inter-related issues are crucial to NAPA members' future prosperity. No Time to Rest Kelly and 2015 NAPA Chairman Mike Cote met with Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) immediately prior to Ryan's ascension to Speaker of the House. Leading up to the passing of the FAST Act, Kelly spent time visiting members of Congress on Capitol Hill. (From left) Sen. Dan Coates (R-Ind.), Kelly, and Lakeside Industries CEO Timothy Lee. 18 * View past issues online at "We have a five-year highway bill, but we've also got a very full agenda ahead, and our industry will suffer if we are complacent. We've got to make sure the asphalt pavement research conducted through the Pavement Economics Committee (PEC) and NCAT benefits us, and propels our industry forward. We must continue to leverage opportunities to work with the FHWA through our cooperative agreement," said Kelly. Staying alert and in touch with state and federal lawmakers is important to ensure that the concrete industry does not succeed where it failed last year to legislate specific materials or life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) requirements. "We've got to continue to advocate for engineering-based decision-making. We've got to keep our fingers on the pulse to make sure none of this happens." Kelly sees 2016 as the year NAPA members should learn the finer details of the FAST Act - the highway bill passed in late 2015 - so that they can identify and report implementation issues at the federal or state level; the industry will need to develop action plans to address any issues that arise. In particular, the Critical Commerce Corridor provisions represent new market share opportunities, but the industry must compete on the issue of pavement performance to win these jobs.

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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - March/April 2016